Monday, January 19, 2009

Unfringe my heart

Folks, I just don't think I can do it anymore. It's too overwhelming. I've got too much on my plate what with life, the universe and everything.

I can't recap Fringe any longer.

I mean, if I thought anyone would care, I'd stick with it just for you. But while I know people read the Heroes recaps, the Lost recaps and the True Blood recaps (also Deadwood!), I just don't get the impression anyone reads the Fringes. Heck, I'm not sure anyone watches Fringe! I still will, stubbornly, for the rest of the season but if J.J. Abrams doesn't get his head out of his ass, that's all he'll get from me.


  1. I support your decision! As you know, I stopped watching Fringe after episode 2. I agonized about it for a while, then totally forgot about it. Let me know if my decision was wrong at the end of the season. (I'm right.)

  2. I support my decision too after watching last night's episode. Olivia gets kidnapped for all of 20 minutes - suspenseful (not)! Giant spiny rhino virus slugs - bad CGI! Very little Walter and Astrid - boo! Olivia gets the bad guy to confess, cracking him with her sophisticated interrogation techniques - exciting (not)! Oy. Seriously, does J.J. Abrams even read the scripts?

  3. I don't blame you for dropping the Fringe write-up. I am still watching Fringe despite the last two eps. I think the fringe science is getting a little too weird; computer virus that kills people and people transforming into cloverfield-porcupine monsters is a little much to me.

    But I'm a sucker and will probably stick through to the end of the season.

  4. RW - I just deleted all upcoming Fringes from my DVR queue after giving up halfway through the porcupine monster ep. Call me a quitter but I just couldn't do it. Plus Anna Torv's American accent seems to be failing her. Let me know if I miss anything good!