Sunday, July 13, 2008

Heroes something to whet your appetite

The following is paraphrased from the official release: announced that the Heroes webseries "Going Postal" will go live on Monday, July 14th at 3pm (ET) on

In "Going Postal," the first series of Heroes webisodes, users will get an early glimpse of a new character with special powers and watch his destiny begin to unfold. The fast-paced, twist-filled web series sets fans on a path that leads to the explosive premiere of the third season of Heroes on NBC this fall. In the first webisode, "A Nifty Trick," Echo DeMille, an everyday mailman, discovers a startling ability that quickly makes him a target. In the second webisode, "The Houseguest," posting on July 21st, Echo races home to protect his girlfriend Gina, and finds deadly uses for his new ability. In the third webisode of this installment, "Let's Talk," which posts on July 28th, Echo sends Gina off to safety while he confronts his enemies, but the tables turn with an unexpected twist.

This is me: While I think the last thing this show needs is more new characters (!), they definitely need to do something to drum up some interest - so good. I'll watch.

Also: Dr. Horrible is almost upon us as well!


  1. I hadn't heard about this.

    I agree Heroes has too many xters now, but if they use this to whittle down the numbers (perhaps cut some older xters too) then I'm all for it. They need to do something to recover from the debacle of S2.

  2. They should definitely kill off Niki/Jessica, especially if Elle is going to stick around: how many sexy blonde ass-kicking chicks with a mean streak do they really need on one show? Also, Mohinder has GOT to go and, as much as I like the actor, we could probably do without Parkman too.

    SPOILER: I just watched Part 1: that freaky dude seems double-jointed in all his joints. And this new power seems reminiscent of that X3 hand-clapping mutant's only, you know, without the clapping.