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Lost episode recap - "There's No Place Like Home, Part 2" (S4E13 and 14) airdate 05/29/08

We begin with a bunch of mini-flashbacks: the Oceanic Six press conference where Sayid confirms that they are the only survivors; druggy Jack visiting that unknown casket; druggy Jack meeting Kate out at the airport in the middle of the night; Jack shouting after Kate’s departing car, “We have to go back!” Then new stuff: Kate slams on the brakes and backs up. She yells at Jack: WTF? Jack waves that obituary at her and we get a name for the person in the mystery casket: Jeremy Bentham. This was also the guy who told them what to tell the rest of the world about their Island experience, apparently. Kate is righteously pissed off: “I’ve spent the last three years trying to forget all the horrible things that happened on the day that we left – how dare you ask me to go back!”

Island: Jack’s wound is still seeping and he’s staggering a little. He and Sawyer find Hurley in the jungle. “Where the hell is he?” growls Sawyer, meaning Ben. They approach the Orchid and Locke is there, poking around. No sign of Ben or Keamy’s commandos.

Boat: Desmond, Michael and Jin scratch their heads, staring at the giant stack of C4 explosives. They confirm that it’s radio-controlled; Jim wants to know if they can turn it off. It’s a complicated set-up and they probably can’t. Or, as Jin figures out, “Boom.” Damn, Desmond and Jin are pretty.

Island: Locke wants to speak to Jack alone; Jack just wants to go back to the chopper and get off the Island. Hurley informs him that Ben just surrendered to the commandos and so the chopper is probably not such a good option right now. “Why would he do that?” wonders Jack. Meanwhile, marching through the jungle, Keamy wonders why Widmore wants Ben back alive. Ben wants to know if Widmore told him to kill his daughter. They get to the helicopter and suddenly Kate bursts into the clearing, almost getting shot by the commandos. She says she’s being chased by Ben’s people. Keamy sends two commandos out to check the perimeter as Kate and Ben trade significant looks. A huge firefight breaks out and the commandos get their asses kicked by Richard’s Others.

Kate grabs Ben and they run off with Keamy in hot pursuit. Ben falls down a hill (his stunt double is not a good match). Sayid tackles Keamy and they fight – it’s awesome. They’re well-matched fighters despite Keamy’s height advantage. Finally Keamy gets the upper hand and almost smushes Sayid but bang-bang-bang, gorgeous Richard, eyeliner intact, shoots Keamy dead. “Thank you for coming, Richard,” says Ben. He asks what the arrangement is; Richard says, “They help us free you and we let them off the Island.” “We can go, off the Island? That’s it?” asks Kate, incredulous. “That’s it,” agrees Ben.

Flash-forward: Walt and his grandmother visit Hurley in his mental hospital. Walt has, ahem, grown up a bit. I think he’s practically got a mustache. Hurley is glad to see him. Walt says that he had hoped one of the Oceanic Six would have come to see him when they got back. Walt goes on to say that this Jeremy Bentham came to see him; he wants to know why the Six are lying. Hurley says they’re lying to protect everyone who didn’t come back. “Like my dad?” “Like your dad,” Hurley says sadly.

Island: Hurley thanks Sawyer for coming back for him. Meanwhile, Locke asks Jack to reconsider leaving the Island. Jack whines about all the bad stuff Locke has done; Locke reminds him that he put a gun to Locke’s head and maybe bygones should be bygones. Locke says that Jack has a purpose here, and that Jack knows it: “If you leave this place, that knowledge will eat you alive from the inside out until you decide to come back.” Jack turns away. Locke insists: “[If you go,] you’ll have to lie about everything that’s happened … to protect the Island” – this place of miracles. Jack snots that there’s no such thing as miracles, this is just an island. Just then, Ben returns! It’s a miracle! He and Locke head into the Orchid station, sending Jack on his way. Jack is bewildered. As Locke goes down a rickety elevator, he reminds Jack, “Lie to them, Jack. If you do half as well as you lie to yourself, they’ll believe you.”

Boat: Sun wants to know what is going on below decks. Michael reassures her that they’re working on it. He takes a tank of liquid nitrogen down below, on the theory that if they freeze the battery, the charge won’t blow. The catch is that they only have one canister of nitrogen.

Beach: Daniel returns to the beach with the zodiac to get more people. When Juliet thanks him for helping, he smiles but his eyes are worried. He finds Miles and Charlotte. Daniel wants them both on the zodiac with him this time but Miles wants to stay. He says he’s surprised Charlotte wants to leave after all the time she spent to get back here. “What do you mean, get back here?” asks Charlotte. Miles is smug and walks off.

Orchid: Ben and Locke finally reach the bottom of the station. There’s a big control room and Ben starts flipping switches. It’s a good thing he came back as there’s no way Locke could have figured this out on his own. He gives Locke a video to watch while he gets down to whatever it is he’d doing. It’s “6 of 6 Orientation,” talking about the Island having a Kasimir effect (??) with which the Dharma Initiative is able to conduct experiments in both space and time. On the video, they put a live bunny in a vault, saying that you should never put metallic objects in the vault; meanwhile, Ben is busy loading up the same vault with all the metal objects he can carry. Locke sees this and gets worried. The video says that when they charge up the vault, the rabbit will seem to disappear … then the videotape goes wonky and won’t play. Locke: “Did he just say what I thought he said?” Ben: “Time-travelling bunnies? Yes.” Locke: WTF? Just then, someone calls the elevator up to the surface. “You expecting someone?” asks Locke. “May I have my weapon back?” asks Ben.

Island: Hurley, Sawyer and Jack get back to the helicopter where Sayid and Kate are trying to uncuff Frank. Kate is conflicted when she sees both her men, but she goes to check on Jack’s sutures (not a euphemism). Sawyer is sad but goes to help Frank. Once freed, the pilot fires up the chopper and they all climb aboard, ready to fly to the boat. Everyone is pretty damn giddy, but Hurley mentions that they should come back to look for Claire. Jack agrees.

Orchid: The elevator returns. It’s Keamy. So, not dead then. He is a little bloody though, so that’s good. Ben and Locke are hiding. Keamy points out that Richard should have shot him in the head, not the body-armor. You’d think Richard would know better than that. Then Keamy takes off said body-armor, expositioning about his heart-rate monitor that is connected to the radio transmitter that will set off the C4 on the boat. Locke comes out from where he’s been hiding. He asks Keamy to put down the knife so they can talk. Keamy says he’s never been one for talk … and then Ben hurtles out of his own hiding place, screaming “You killed my daughter!” and stabs Keamy in the neck. The commando goes down hard, gushing blood, and the monitor on his arm starts blinking. Locke is horrified, “You’ve killed every person on that boat.” Ben: “So?” Damn – that’s cold.

Beach: Charlotte tells Daniel that she’s going to stay on the Island, at least for now. Daniel says that there isn’t any “for now,” it could be “for ever.” Charlotte says she’s still looking for where she was born and gives little Daniel a hug. He is sad. Juliet also says she’s not going on this trip, having promised not to leave ‘til the last person is off the Island. Daniel, still thinking that Keamy will kill all the people on the Island, is sad some more.

Boat: The guys are still trying to deactivate the C4. Michael points out that if they can’t, they better get everybody the hell off this boat.

Helicopter: Frank notices that they’re losing fuel rapidly. Ah – a bullet hit the tank and there’s a leak. Frank wants to go back to the Island but Jack says they have to head straight to the boat since there’s no fuel on the Island. They throw out all the non-essential stuff, which helps, but Frank says he’d feel better if they were 200 pounds lighter. Sawyer looks pensive. He whispers something in Kate’s ear (“Why are you telling me this?”), gives her a HOT kiss (“Just do it, Freckles,”), and jumps out of the helicopter into the ocean. Everyone is just stunned. Sawyer’s got a long swim back, I’m afraid.

Flash-forward: Straight-haired Sayid shoots some guy who is sitting in a car outside Hurley’s mental hospital. He goes inside and finds Hurley musing over a chess board. “I think visiting hours are over, dude.” Sayid wants Hurley to come somewhere safe with him as circumstances have changed. He tells Hurley that Bentham is dead, they say it was suicide. “Suicide?” asks Hurley. And why is Sayid calling him “Bentham” when his name is – but Sayid cuts him off. People are watching the Six, says Sayid. Hurley: “I’ve been having detailed conversations with dead people – I don’t need paranoia too.” Sayid says that he just killed a guy who’d been watching the hospital for a week: “I find paranoia keeps me alive.” Hurley doesn’t want to go back to the Island; Sayid reassures him they’re just going to somewhere safe. Before they leave, Hurley makes a final move on the chessboard, saying “Checkmate, Mr. Eko.” FM: Awwww!

Helicopter: They can’t find the boat even though Frank swears he stayed on course. Jack tells Kate that they’ll go back for Sawyer as soon as they get to the boat. Just then, Hurley spots the freighter.

Orchid: Locke is unsuccessful in keeping Keamy alive, no thanks to Ben.

Boat: The detonator light turns red. Desmond runs off to try to evacuate the boat while Michael and Jin stay to try to stop the bomb. Desmond reaches the deck and sees the approaching chopper: “Oh, bloody hell!” He starts shouting at them not to land but Frank has no choice since he’s running on fumes. They scramble to patch the hole and refuel the helicopter. Sun wants to get Jin but Kate tells her to get Aaron on the chopper – she’ll go get Jin. Before she can go, however, Jack grabs her and shoves her onto the helicopter. Down below, Michael tells Jin to go be with his wife. But Jin is too late getting up on deck and the chopper takes off without him. There is much screaming and much tension. Down below, Christian Shepherd suddenly appears, much to Michael’s consternation. “You can go now, Michael,” says Christian. And then BOOM. The boat blows up. I can’t even describe Sun’s screams of grief and pain – it’s absolutely horrible.

After the commercial, Sun wants to go back to look for survivors but they don’t have enough fuel. Jack, despondent, tells Frank to go back to the Island.

Flash-forward: A sleek-looking Sun is in London. She finds Charles Widmore and introduces herself. Then, she says that she knows he knows who she is (an Oceanic Sixer). They have common interests, she says: “As you know, we’re not the only ones who left the Island.” Widmore is confused, asking why would she want to help him? Sun just walks off.

Orchid: Ben fires up the machinery, telling Locke to duck. All the metal objects in that vault explode. “I’d better change,” says Ben.

Beach: Juliet sits with a bottle of rum, staring at the ocean. Sawyer drags himself out of the brine (finally shirtless – yay!). He gestures to the bottle, asking what she’s celebrating. She points out the smoke from the exploded boat out there on the horizon: “I’m not celebrating.” Sawyer gets an “oh shit” expression on his face. She better share that rum. I think I could get behind a Juliet and Sawyer hook-up.

Orchid: Ben puts on a parka. “I’m going somewhere cold … and you’re not coming with me.” Locke doesn’t understand. Ben explains that whoever moves the Island can never come back, but it’s okay since Richard and the Others are waiting for Locke to lead them now. Ben apologizes for making Locke’s life so miserable and shakes his hand. Locke: “What do I tell them to do?” Ben tells him that he’ll find his way. A little later, Locke does find the Others’ camp in the jungle. Richard greets him, “Welcome home.”

Ben, meanwhile, is creeping through a tunnel that was blasted in that vault. This show is so fucking weird. He climbs down a ladder, breaks through some ice and then falls down another stretch of ladder into a frozen cave, cutting his arm in the process. There’s a big frozen gear that he turns, muttering, “I hope you’re happy now, Jacob.” This must be the actual moving of the Island. And yes, up above there’s a strange noise that makes everyone – the Others, the beached Losties, the zodiac raft Losties, the helicopter Losties – look around. Ben finishes turning the gear, tears streaming down his face, and the light goes nuclear. When the light fades, the Island is gone. As in, GONE.

Helicopter: Frank is hollering, “Where’s the Island? Where the hell am I going to land this thing?” But it’s too late – the chopper is out of fuel and ditches into the ocean as they all scramble for life preservers. Shit: is this where they kill off darling Desmond? There’s Jack, Kate, Sayid, Hurley, Sun and Aaron on the helicopter, and also Frank and Desmond. It doesn’t look promising for Des, does it?

Ocean: Bubbles. Jack swims to the surface. Hurley, Kate, Aaron, Jack, Sayid, Sun and Frank are all okay. Desmond is floating face down, however. They climb onto a life raft. Desmond has a cut on his forehead and doesn’t seem to be breathing. Jack gives him mouth-to-mouth (yee!) and he finally coughs up a chestful of water. Yay! Now that they’ve all survived, they realize they’re in the middle of the ocean in a life raft and no land in sight. Everyone is sad. Wait a minute, says FM – what happened to the people on Daniel’s zodiac? They hadn’t made it to the freighter yet and they saw the Island disappear too … wouldn’t the helicopter have gone down somewhere near them? Loose end!

Flash-forward: Kate wakes up in her fancy house moments before the phone rings. There’s a garbled voice on the other end that I can’t make out and then she hears her front door open. She lunges for a gun in her closet and runs to check on Aaron. It’s Claire, looking chubby. FM: WTF? She tells Kate “Don’t you bring him back – don’t you dare!” And then Kate wakes up and runs to check on Aaron.

Life raft: Hurley is incredulous that Locke actually moved the Island. “No, he didn’t,” grumps Jack, all sour grapes about it. “…[U]nless we overlooked it, it’s gone. If you’ve got another explanation, dude, I’d love to hear it.” Hurley is taking none of Jack’s shit tonight. Then, Frank sees a light – it’s a boat and they all start hollering at it. Locke’s words come crashing into Jack’s head and he tells him that they all have to lie about what happened to them, at the very least to protect themselves and the people they left behind from whomever faked the plane wreckage. Everyone else protests but Jack insists, saying just let him do the talking.

They come alongside the boat AND HOLY CRAP IT’S PENNY’S BOAT!!! I so did not see that coming. Desmond practically flies up the ladder and into her arms. They smooch and I get a little teary. Everyone else clambers up onto the ship and Desmond makes the introductions. Jack, ever the killjoy, says, “It’s nice to meet you, Penny, but we need to talk.”

Penny’s boat: The Oceanic Six, having been taken to just off-shore of Mumbata by Penny, load onto another life raft to lend credence to their cover story. They say their goodbyes to Frank and Desmond, Jack warning Desmond to be careful not to be found by the bad guys (who are Penny’s father so – oops). “All right, let’s go home,” says Captain Jack. Eventually they paddle ashore to the island where they are greeted by the locals.

Flash-forward: Druggy Jack drives up to the funeral home. It’s night, and I’m assuming it’s after Kate kicked his ass out at the airport. I still love his truck. He breaks into the funeral home and goes straight to “Jeremy Bentham’s” coffin. Are we going to get to see who it is? Jack opens the coffin and looks in. “Hello, Jack,” comes from behind him. It’s Ben. So, not in the coffin, then. “Did he tell you I was off the Island?” Jack: “Yes, he did … he told me that after I left the Island, some very bad things happened. And he told me that it was my fault for leaving. And he said that I had to come back.” Ben says that the Island won’t let Jack go back alone – all of them have to go back. Jack thinks this is impossible. WHO IS IN THE COFFIN? Ben thinks he can help and Jack resignedly agrees, turning to go. “Jack, I said all of you. We’ll have to bring him too,” says Ben, gesturing to the coffin. And the camera pans up and over the lid: it’s John Locke. Kudos to all of you who guessed that last year (me, I was certain it was Ben).

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