Monday, March 3, 2008

Lost my mind, or so you'd think

I think Lost is the root of more fan-generated discussion and theories, conspiracy- and otherwise, than any other show in the history of television. The X-Files may be runner-up but I suspect that even in its heyday, it never had the fan-base Lost does. I don't tend to get caught up in the mad tangles of online Lostfanwank (to misquote from a Buffy episode, people in chatrooms have the worst spelling). But, as a purveyor of television recapitulation, I feel I should contribute at least a little bit.

So here I am, doing my part to fan the flames as best I can. This one I find absolutely hiLARious and is my current favorite. It's excerpted from the rampant Lost discussion on Whitney Matheson's PopCandy blog:

foote23uk wrote:

"So the 'numbers' of 4 8 15 16 23 and 42 are all retired New York Yankees numbers, and there are of course the references to the Red Sox winning the World Series, and now tonight Mr. Widmore's auction paddle is #755, which is the famous record number of career home runs that Hank Aaron finished with that Barry Bonds eclipsed this past season. I'm not saying any of this explains anything about the show, other than the fact that methinks the producers may be baseball fans....."

So, if we follow that through, the Black Smoke Monster is ... George Steinbrenner?

My own recent observations were that (a) the actor who played the doctor in "The Constant" was also in the episode of Eli Stone that aired right after Lost and that I watched on my DVR, (b) the actor who plays Penny's father was also in the episode of Torchwood that aired Saturday night and that I watched on my DVR, and (c) Matthew Fox and the actor who plays Richard (a/k/a the Eyeliner Other) were both in that appalling movie, Smoking Aces, that I watched on my DVR. Clearly those nefarious Lost writers are tracking my viewing habits. If I disappear from the blogosphere and don't post for eight years, y'all will know they got me.

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