Friday, June 1, 2007

Waitress - movie (mini-)review

Anybody who has made their way to this blog has undoubtedly heard of the movie, Waitress. Written, directed and acted in by Adrienne Shelly, this little film has gotten way more press than it would have, had Adrienne not been found murdered in her office on November 1, 2006 [thanks to Wikipedia for the link to the story]. Sadly, she never got to see her magnum opus in its final form. I saw it today, though, and the rest of you should see it too.

Quickie story overview: Keri Russell is a waitress and a pie impressario at a pie diner in an indefinite Southern town, along with Adrienne Shelly and Cheryl Hines. Jenna is trapped in a terrible marriage to Jeremy Sisto (if I were Jeremy's agent, I might try for a role as a likeable character next time - doesn't he always play jerks?) and finds herself pregnant. Not happy about it, she meets her new gynecologist, a delectably dorky Nathan Fillion, and ends up having an affair with him. Andy Griffith is fantastic as the cantankerous owner of the diner.

It's quite different from the movies I've seen recently in theaters (the last was 300, I believe) : no monsters, no axe-murders, no swearing. There's not much suspense and it has a fairly predictable plot, mind you, but this film is a lovely little character sketch with good actors who are clearly enjoying what they're doing. Plus there's lots and lots of nummy-looking homemade pies. And it's just fanned the flames of my Nathan Fillion crush. Mmmmm.

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