Sunday, April 29, 2007

Heroes: "07%" airdate 04/23/07

This ep is the first one after a long hiatus so they bounce around a lot among all the storylines … except for DL. He gets about 3 lines and then he’s gone. That actor got way more play in his Buffy season.

Mr. Bennet is captured by the “paper company” and is being intimidated by Eric Roberts. ER is one of the creepiest people ever – eesh. Mr. B manages to play it pretty cool as ER says he’s waiting to hear from the boss what his orders are. Cut to “the boss,” who is, of course, Linderman. He and Nathan are touring Linderman’s museum. It comes out during their conversation that Linderman is a Hero – his power is healing – and that he used to be part of a group who tried to make the world a better place. It didn’t work out, so now Linderman is manipulating people and events to make Peter blow up NYC in order to shock the planet into better behavior. Nathan: you’ll kill a lot of people in NYC. Linderman: out of the earth’s total population, .07% is an acceptable loss. And we have a title, my friends!

Speaking of acceptable losses, Mohinder is still pinned to his ceiling by Sylar as Peter walks into Mohinder’s apartment. Sylar and Peter have a fairly calm standoff in which they each get to showcase some special abilities: Peter gets to heal himself, throw Sylar across the room using telekinesis and finally turns invisible (which Sylar practically salivates over); Sylar uses the Scary Voice, cuts with his index finger, and uses telekinesis to float glass (cool effect, by the way) into Peter’s head, pretty much killing him the way that stob of wood killed Claire earlier this season. Hope Peter doesn’t get an autopsy because, well, yuck. Mohinder grows a spine and knocks Sylar out. While all this is happening, Claire and her scary new granny, Mrs. Petrelli are getting to know each other, and there is an insinuation that Mrs. P also has a Hero power. She ain’t telling what, however. Back at the Suresh apartment (so not getting their security deposit back), Sylar wakes up, is cranky at having lost his prey, but finds Isaac’s address as consolation prize. There’s a quick scene with Isaac and a fan boy bike messenger, and then several spoilery flashes of paintings Isaac’s done of his soon-to-come butchery.

Next we have a DL and Jessica scene but it’s about 30 seconds long so we’ll skip it. Officer Parkman manages to escape from his cell at the paper company because Mr. Bennet is shouting at him telepathically (there’s a very funny line by Eric Roberts who tells a henchman to tape Parkman’s mouth because he doesn’t want to hear about his pregnant wife – you and all the audience, Eric); he frees Atomic Ted who, upon instructions from Mr. B, burns bright, not hot, to short out the compound’s electrics. Parkman, Ted and Mr. B escape. Dead Peter is at his mom’s apartment where Nathan does way too much brotherly mourning before Claire – clearly the smart one of the family – pulls the shard of glass out of her uncle Peter’s head and brings him back to life. Claire tries to bond with Nathan but he says if she can hold off for a week, after the election he will be her dad AND she and he and Peter can all save the world together. And then the most awkward hug ever. Meanwhile, Candace the shape shifter pretends to be Jessica to get Micah out of school early and hand him over to Linderman, who has some special project for the little guy.

Homestretch, folks, stay with me. There’s a quick scene of a nearly frantic Mohinder, babbling about Sylar and Peter … unfortunately he called the number Mr. Bennet gave him and scary Eric Roberts is there in NYC, assuring him that while Mr. B has “left the company” (hee hee), the best way to catch Sylar is to join forces. Cut to Isaac’s studio: Isaac is not-surprised by Sylar who, without too much small talk, stakes the painter to the floor using wooden paintbrush handles. Isaac is impressively articulate even with the massive trauma to his arms and legs and says that he’s seen the future and not only do the Heroes kill Sylar, they also stop the bomb. (I don’t think that Sylar knows anything about NYC blowing up but okay, these are his last words.) Sylar hunkers down over Isaac and proceeds to cut the top of his head off, which we see in Isaac’s own illustrations; shortly thereafter, Sylar has his newly acquired future-vision going and is doing his own artwork, but in a much grimmer, more angular style than dearly departed Isaac. Finally, we fade to Ando and Hiro who teleported out of Linderman’s museum to Future NYC, post-apocalypse. Hiro decides that they did something wrong and that “Mister Isak” can help them figure out their mistake. They arrive at the studio and run into Future Hiro, all suave and soul-patchy and looking fairly grouchy. Yatta!

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