Thursday, October 25, 2007

Baffled, I tell you

Mr. Mouse was working late tonight so, rather than watch My Name Is Earl and The Office without him (I don't like to do that as those two shows are on the very short list of shows we both like to watch), I thought I'd give Smallville a try.

I haven't watched Smallville for years and years ... and all the reasons why came back to me in a rush. What an steaming pile of poo that show is. The acting is bad, the writing is bad and there's no suspense. The only things going for it are a bunch of pretty people and the continuing popularity Superman has as an American icon. I cannot believe this drivel is still on the air - who is watching it? When I think of all the intelligent, well-written, GOOD shows that have gotten the axe ... I'm just bewildered by it all.

Best part of my evening's television-viewing: seeing Ellsworth (actor's name: Jim Beaver) guest-starring on Supernatural. I love Ellsworth.

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