Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Pumpkin and Coconut "Panna Cotta" - from Pim

I read only a couple of food blogs on a regular basis. The one I visit most often is Chez Pim - this woman has a dream life of cooking, eating, travelling for food and writing about all of it. The photographs on her blog are gorgeous.

I've never attempted any of her recipes before since she seems to do a lot of complex French and Asian stuff and I'm just not that good a cook yet. This recipe was timely, however, and had just a few ingredients, all of which were already in my kitchen. (I tend to gravitate towards short recipes.) I used canned pumpkin puree and so my end result did not turn out as brightly colored as hers, but I still think it's tasty. I poured the pumpkin mixture into little individual pre-cooked tart crusts so now my fridge is full of mini-pumpkin pies - so cute! It's definitely different from traditional Thanksgiving-type pumpkin pies because there's no pumpkin pie spice, but the coconut milk adds a silky richness. I never would have thought to pair pumpkin and coconut together - Pim is so clever!

I'm going to take a bunch of the little tartlets into work tomorrow and let my co-workers be my guinea pigs; Mr. Mouse is uninterested in dessert unless it's ice cream. I even poured one into a crust-free ramekin to accomodate my gluten-allergic friend!

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