Wednesday, April 16, 2008

The Mysterious Mr. Mouse

I realize that there's been something plaguing you, my faithful readers: "We know what you like book-, television- and movie-wise, FM, but what about Mr. Mouse? What does he like to read and watch?" Well, wonder no longer, my friends. I'm about to let you know.

With a few notable exceptions, Mr. Mouse and I have completely divergent entertainment tastes. He is a strictly non-fiction kind of guy with a strong preference for biography, American history and outdoor adventure. Currently, he's put aside a Kit Carson biography to pounce upon my copy of Dark Summit; other books in his to-be-read stack include Plan of Attack (by Bob Woodward), that dog book I reviewed way back when, and All Hell Broke Loose (an account of the deadly November 11, 1940, blizzard in Minnesota).

His current favorite television shows are Jeopardy, Ax Men, Mythbusters and pretty much anything on the History channel - I swear his eyes lit up tonight when he saw Modern Marvels: the Story of Saws. He also likes The Office, Earl, Scrubs and How I Met Your Mother ... if there's a lot of Barney in the episode.

He hates horror movies or anything with too much blood; he's fallen asleep twice during Little Miss Sunshine, once at the theater and once at home on the couch. He loved Superbad; we watch Snatch and Ocean's Eleven over and over; he has a fondness for the Coen brothers' film and an inexplicable love for What About Bob? that I just can't explain.

The cliche is that opposites attract. Oh, I can certainly get sucked into a Mythbusters or Dirty Jobs episode without much coaxing; I totally converted him to Pushing Daisies and he's still stubbornly sticking with Lost (although he'd like more answers than he's getting). But generally speaking, in the case of our entertainment preferences opposites are the rule rather than the exception. Anybody else have a case of duelling interests?


  1. C is often rather befuddled by my taste in entertainment. He is staunchly non-fiction although lately his "reading" leans more towards crossword puzzles, than, you know, books. And he refuses to even be in the same room when I watch Battlestar Galactica and I'm not having any luck with Pushing Daisies either. I have an unimpeachable record of introducing him to TV and movies that he thinks he is going to hate but ends up loving but he still won't watch with me. His loss!

  2. I think Mr. M and C may be separated at birth! Mr. M doesn't go anywhere without his Sudoku book ... he was originally hooked on crossword puzzles but being a terrible speller sort of put the damper on that. He's much better at numbers. And yes, the fastest way to clear him off the couch is to put a BSG or Firefly DVD on. What a heathen.

  3. He sounds really cool. I bet he is good looking too. You must feel very lucky to have landed him.

  4. Gosh, Anonymous, you're so very right: I am one lucky Mouse. Mr. M is special with a capital "S."