Sunday, September 20, 2009

Two men enter, one man leaves

In a much needed break from packing today (I've been up to my elbows in boxes straight through since Friday, and for weeks before that ... our house is Very Small - where the hell did all this stuff come from?), I watched Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome while Mr. Mouse went for a bike ride. I am a HUGE Road Warrior fan - a young, impossibly gorgeous, Aussie-accented, leather-clad post-apocalyptic Mel Gibson wreaking havor on punks in the Outback? what could possibly be better? - and I had forgotten how much MM:BT sucks and disrespects the source material. Is MM:BT even rated R? Because it clearly goes for the "funny" as opposed to the "blatantly violent." And way-way-way too much '80s saxophone on the soundtrack. Not to mention that incredibly annoying gaggle of Lost Boys*-esque children. Ugh. Not even Tina Turner in chain-mail stilettos had any chance of saving this movie.

In retrospect, I shoulda kept with the boxes, especially since my "break" from packing tomorrow comes in the form of recapping a damn two-hour Heroes season starter. Why can't they just open with one hour? Why must they torture me like this? And could I whine any more than I am right now?

* Lost Boys a la Peter Pan, not awesome '80s vampire movie.

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  1. I remember eagerly awaiting MM:BT when it came out, as I'm a huge Road Warrior fan. But yeah, it sucked. Porn compilation suckage. And having Bruce Spence playing another character in the same series was just the last straw. I loved his mad, lingerie-longing Gyro Captain. This wasn't even close.