Sunday, September 27, 2009

Frazzled Mouse

Oof. I'm tired. And my hands are shredded from all the taping. I haven't seen a movie in AGES (no Inglourious Basterds or Jennifer's Body for me, sad to say, at least not during my remaining Maine tenure). Too busy putting things into boxes.

I did manage to see the Flashforward pilot on Thursday (is that even what it's called? I can't remember at this point) and liked it, although I wanted poor little Joseph Fiennes to smile at least once. I also got to the S2 premiere of Dollhouse. I am a hugenormous fan of all things Whedon and ... it pains me to say that I'm not sure Dollhouse is that good. I really loved the extra episode from S1, set post-apocalyptically and hardly starring Eliza Dushku at all, but last Friday's episode was really just meh. More shirtless Jamie Bamber would have helped.

I will get Heroes up for you tomorrow - thank goodness it's not a two-hour episode - but right afterwards I have to pack up my computer AND my television, so FMS will be on a big time hiatus, to return once I'm in SLC.


  1. I haven't watched Flashforward, but a friend says its good.

    I hope you've kept on with the Dollhouse. The eps beyond the Jamie Bamber one have been good. Although I may be biased b/c I feel like a teenage boy since I find myself drooling at every wild outfit Eliza prances around in. I really enjoyed the serial killer ep and this last one was good.

    PS - They should have had more shirtless Bamber - dude is cut!).

  2. I've been watching FF exclusively online since primetime TV starts at 7 pm out here in Utah and I don't have a DVR currently and [more excuses]. It's good, but it could use some humor: everyone is so intense all the time.

    I've also been watching DH online: I liked the serial killer one and the one focused on Sierra and Topher - pretty violent for TV! Have you heard that FOX is all but killing the series after this 13-ep run? Joss should pitch to SyFy instead of the networks.

    Just like bacon, shirtless Jamie Bamber makes everything better.

  3. I know! I think I heard they were talking cancellation by the second ep?! Give it a chance to start at least.

    Joss should pitch it to any and every studio out there. I thought Firefly would have been great on HBO/Showtime, and given the risque-violent content of DH, I hope he's looking into sending it there.

    I don't even understand why he's even back at Fox.