Thursday, September 24, 2009

Maple Bacon Gelato

A trip to the dentist was on my long list of things to get done before the great SLC departure; my dentist's office is not too far from where my folks live so my mom and I met for coffee and catching-up first. She suggested the Bohemian Coffee House which has apparently been around a while although I'd never been there before.

They're a typical indie coffee house, with wi-fi, gently alternative music and a nice wide selection of hot and cold, caffeinated and otherwise beverages. I had a half-caf cafe au lait (the customer pours their own coffee from the thermoses and then the barista adds the milk, so you can custom-blend your joe) and my mom had a chai tea latte - which was completely AWESOME.

They also make their own gelato and Monday's featured flavor was maple bacon. Doesn't that just sound so good? I'll give them "good," but not necessarily "so good." There was a ton of bacon bits in the scoop I had - substantial pieces of real bacon too - and it added a lovely smoky/salty flavor. I would have preferred it to have been fried a little crisper, however, as being in ice cream tends to soften the bacon quickly.

The gelato itself didn't have that smooth mouth-feel that gelato should have and was not very maple-y either. I realize maple is a difficult flavor and too much can be overpowering, but this was really more along the lines of "vanilla bacon ice cream" than maple bacon gelato. Not that I have an issue with vanilla bacon ice cream, mind you, lordy no, and I scraped the bottom of my dish. It just didn't quite live up to its billing is all.


  1. Sorry to hear that it was less than great. I just had Maple Bacon at Whole Foods, and it was very good - Verrrry Maple, and the Bacon Bits were still crunchy. Not really a smokey flavor, but rather a nice crunch and saltiness acting as a counterpoint to the sweet, sweet maple flavor.
    Oddly enough - a very similar experience to a good butter pecan ice cream.

  2. Ooh - I'll have to check my local WF and see if they've got it! Thanks for the tip (and for the comment)!