Thursday, May 21, 2009

Mini-movie review: Wanted

I really wanted to like this one which was directed by my favorite Russian action/vampire director, Timur Bekmambetov. But for an R-rated movie reputed to be action-packed to the gills, it just seemed more busy than action-y. Problem is, I think, is that I've already seen Night Watch and Day Watch (not to mention the Matrixes which spawned all this ilk) so Wanted just wasn't breaking any new ground with its speed 'em up/slow 'em down bullet-cam POVs. It may still work in graphic novels (which is the movie's source material) but it's starting to get tired here in live action cinema land.

I do like to see Bekmambetov getting some major U.S. work - good for him. And I loved that he brought his NW/DW star, Konstantin Khabenskiy, along for the ride as the crazy Exterminator.

I liked James McAvoy as the non-action hero type action hero although he did make some very silly slo-mo faces. (I kept calling him "Mr. Tumnus" in my head, tho'.) Thomas Kretschmann ("Cross") is quite pretty and not nearly old enough to be James McAvoy's dad. Angelina - well, I thought she looked like she should be eating some pasta on a regular basis: getting a little haggard there, girlie.

Finally, I adore Morgan Freeman but would somebody PLEASE give him a role where he gets to do something? Isn't he getting tired of avuncular? Even throwing him the line with that "m-----f---er" didn't make him any less cuddly.

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  1. I loved Freeman's MF line, but it'd be nice to see him kick butt and take names. Just like it would be nice to see Jolie a human-sized portion of food. Her scrawny frame really bugged me in Changeling.