Sunday, May 17, 2009

Mini-movie review: Resident Evil: Extinction

Last night, after Mr. Mouse had dozed off, I watched Resident Evil: Extinction because, well, I thought that "zombies in the desert" sounded like a pretty cool concept. And now, after having watched it, I can tell you that "zombies in the desert" is, in fact, a pretty cool concept.

I was totally on board with a genetically/bionically-enhanced (I'm not a long time RE fan, having only watched the first two installments in bits and pieces, so I'm not really sure why the satellite was controlling her or how what was up with those mind-powers - but boy don't I loooooove zombie dogs!) Milla Jovovich kick ass on desert-dwelling zombies ... all the way up until the Mad Scientist OD'd on zombie-juice and sprouted CGI-tentacle fingers. That was dumb. Well, the whole movie was pretty dumb (in a fun, violent and gory sort of way) but CGI-tentacle fingers are just stupid.

Random thoughts: Milla Jovovich/"Alice" = superhot in her desert boots/thigh-high chaps ensemble whilst riding a motorcycle and kicking ass.

I'm not a gamer so please correct me if I'm wrong, but the structure of the movie seemed to be moving through levels of an RE game, each level upping the intensity: first Alice battling alone in a small deserted town; then the convoy under seige; then Vegas with the revved-up zombies; and finally Alice(s) in the Umbrella corporation's underground lair.

Why did no one in the convoy complain about the fact that their numbers were decimated by the Vegas zombies only because the Vegas zombies were sent after Alice? If it hadn't been for her, those uberzombies wouldn't have even been there.

Plot-hole: did the convoy ever get to Alaska? I guess that wasn't really the point - the point was watching Alice kick ass - but still.

Finally, while I can't imagine anyone ever putting Ali Larter in charge of anything more crucial than shoe shopping, much less a Road Warrior-esque convoy of survivors, she did wear the hell out of those aviator sunglasses.


  1. "I can't imagine anyone ever putting Ali Larter in charge of anything more crucial than shoe shopping...she did wear the hell out of those aviator sunglasses."

    True and true.

    This was fun, much better than RE2 but not as good as RE. I love zombie dogs, and superhot Milla Jovovich.

  2. Honestly, I don't know why more movies don't have zombie dogs.