Friday, May 15, 2009

A little more Lost

As you can see, I rewatched the Lost season finale and made some edits to the recaps that I amazingly got up for you on the same night on which it aired. I've got a couple of other random thoughts that didn't really fit into the recap per se, so here they are:

When Titus (which is what I'm going to keep calling him until someone gives the character a name - like Esau or something) joins Jacob on the beach, Jacob offers him a chunk of freshly roasted fish. Titus replies, "I just ate." The thought that immediately popped into my head is that Titus was the Smoke Monster made flesh, some sort of death god who requires sacrifices/feedings.

This might go along with the fact that Jacob lives under the statue of what could be the Egyptian god Sobek: usually shown carrying an anhk (the sign of life), Sobek was believed to be able to restore sight to the dead, reviving their senses and protecting them from Set (a god of chaos, confusion and violence) who preyed on souls who were traveling through the land of the dead. If so, that lends credence to those theories that everyone on the Oceanic flight died and the Island is the Land of the Dead.

Jacob appears in all the flashbacks in this episode - except for Juliet's - and I think he has physical contact with each of Kate, Sawyer, Jack, Alana, Sun and Jin, Locke and Hurley. I'm not sure about Sayid, but he may have touched his elbow when looking at the map. If he didn't touch Sayid in the flashback, I don't think Sayid will recover from his gunshot wound. (And I think Juliet is definitely a goner too.)

The spinning mythology I mentioned was the Moirae from Greek myth, three sisters who control the lives of humans: Clotho, who spins out lives like thread; Lachesis, who measures the thread; and Atropos who ends a life every time she cuts a thread. There's no weaving in this myth, however. Interestingly, that font of absolute true information, Wikipedia, says that in ancient Egypt men did the weaving, which was done by women in most other cultures.

Finally, it looks like we won't be seeing much of Penny next season if her new show is a hit.

Saturday, 5/16/09 - Two more things and then I really have to get a life:

I am such a dumbass for not noticing that poor Juliet had been wearing a RED SHIRT since "Follow the Leader" - of course she was dooooooooooomed.

And this is hilarious, timed perfectly:

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  1. You made all the astute observations (smoke monster = Locke and all the dead people and Jacob touching everyone) that I was going to make. Loved the recap. Syaid can't die.