Friday, October 31, 2008

Titles Nine: Hallowe'en Edition (#5)

Greetings, ladies and gentleghouls - welcome to the Hallowe'en edition of "Titles Nine" or, in this case, Titles Seventeen. You see, today we're going to take a look at my Stephen King bookshelf. As you will see, it is far from complete: I need to get a copy of The Shining; I'm working on collecting the Dark Tower series (although I haven't included the ones I have here since they're not really horror); and I'm behind on his more recent stuff.

For those of you who are new, the "Titles Nine" series is a listing of nine books selected at random from the Mouse family library. I can promise you that every single one of the books listed below are mine and mine alone: I have been a Stephen King fan since the tender age of 10 (when I snuck a copy of Carrie from my aunt's house); Mr. Mouse, however, gets the creeps just looking at the titles.
  • IT - Never liked clowns. Didn't like them before I read IT, liked them less afterwards.
  • Insomnia - This one doesn't classify strictly as horror, but I've got a fondness for it in part because I have slow-sleep insomnia myself. Plus there's the Dark Tower crossover.
  • The Stand - My favorite of the bunch. I love this book and have read it many times - the uncut re-release, of course. I didn't even mind the miniseries and it was there that I developed my crush on Gary Sinise ("Stu").
  • Desperation - This one's just sick and goes hand in hand with The Regulators (written by King as Richard Bachman),
  • The Tommyknockers - There really could be anything out there in the deep Maine woods.
  • Everything's Eventual - Short stories. I think King really shines in his shorter stuff.
  • Nightmares and Dreamscapes - More short stories. "Rainy Season" gives me the willies; "Chattery Teeth" and "The Ten O'Clock People" are great concepts.
  • 'Salem's Lot - Classic. Scary. The vampires in this book are NOT pretty.
  • Dreamcatcher - This one's pretty gross. But "shit-weasel" is hilarious. Awful movie.
  • Needful Things - There's a price for everything.
  • Pet Sematary - I read somewhere that King says that he got scared writing this book, mostly from imagining if something happened to his own children, and how far he would be willing to go.
  • Nightshift - More short stories. There are some great ones in here: "Children of the Corn," "Graveyard Shift," "Jerusalem's Lot," "Trucks," "The Mangler," "Grey Matter" - eesh. (Hey - I wonder what happened to my copy of Skeleton Crew (even more short stories)?)
  • Cujo - I heard that for the movie they had to dress a German Shepherd up in a Saint Bernard costume because they couldn't get the Saint Bernard to act mean enough.
  • Thinner - I like this revenge tale quite a lot. Boy is it icky, though.
  • The Talisman - I liked this one a lot more than its brutally violent sequel, Black House.
  • The Dark Half - George Stark was a bad, bad man.
  • Cell (previously mentioned here) - Zombies! (I knew cell phones rotted the brain.)

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