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Heroes recap: "Angels and Monsters" (S3E5) 10/13/08

Sorry I'm late on the True Blood recap; we were out of town for Sunday night and although the episode is in my DVR, my heart belongs to Heroes (since Deadwood and Veronica Mars and Firefly have all been cancelled ...) and that's the show I'm going to do first. Bill- and Sookie-fans, please be patient and I promise to get back on schedule as soon as I can.

In Central Park, a twitchy Mohinder accosts a drug-dealer although it’s not actually for the drugs. In Level 5, Angela interrupts Peter as he’s snapping Sylar’s neck in the cell. Peter screams like a madman for his mother to spill the rest of her secrets – what else has she kept from him, aside from Sylar being is his brother. Peter then starts to cut the top of his mother’s skull off but Sylar stands up, reconnects his own neck, and TKs Peter hard into the wall. As Angela trembles over her unconscious son, Sylar finds Mr. Bennett in the hall. Bennett has identified another escapee; Sylar asks if he should suit up. In Costa Verde, Sandra Bennett has discovered that Claire is not at a cheer retreat. After seeing some of the very bad Level 5 escapee guys in Bennett’s files (which are just lying out there for anyone to see), Meredith says she’ll go find Claire before she gets herself in any more trouble. Claire has in fact found one of the escapees, a vortex-creator who is trying to track down his family. She sneaks up behind him and zaps him with a taser, dropping him with a small, self-satisfied smile.

In Japan, Hiro and Ando release Adam from his coffin prison. When Adam promises to behave, Hiro tells him about the stolen formula. Adam chuckles, saying he knew that would come back to bite them in the ass. He says he can give them a name. At the “Pinehurst Company,” Lindeman asks Daphne if she would assist him in recruiting for a new world order of powered people. Lindeman gives her some files of people he wants her to recruit – including Knox and Mohinder – and while she’s not psyched to get her hands dirty with some of these guys, she takes the job. When the camera pulls back, she’s talking to an empty couch.

Claire’s target wakes up, begging her to let him go so he can find his family. He says he was taken from his home in the middle of the night; when she calls him a monster, he spins a little black hole, snatching the taser from her hand, and snarls at her to listen to him. Mohinder returns to his lab, dragging the drug dealer by the foot. How very Neanderthal. Maya pops in, whining that he didn’t come home last night. He nuzzles her neck (euw), saying he can make her happy (eeeuuww), but she sees some smeared blood on the floor and runs away, saying she should let him get back to his work. There’s been a missing person flyer stuck in the lab door: his neighbor has been missing for a few days; as Mohinder goes into a back room, there’s the missing neighbor, stuck to the wall with a sticky web a la Aliens. How very original. I can’t stand Mohinder.

Claire sits nervously as Vortex Guy paces. He quickly deduces that she’s not with the Company. She’s read in his file that he killed his neighbor during a fight over a broken lawnmower but Vortex insists that it was an accident, and that the Company locked him away without a trial. He just wants to see his family just one more time, just wants to be normal. When he says he’s going to just let her go without any trouble, Claire is confused, as any self-righteous high school kid would be. Brow furrowed, she says maybe she can help him.

Nathan wants to know why Tracy was trying to kill herself. She confesses to accidentally killing that reporter. She says she needs to turn herself in and Nathan thinks that’s probably not a good idea. He tells her that God has a higher purpose for the Heroes but Tracy scoffs that God didn’t give them these powers – a doctor in Racita did. Nathan goes “hmmm.” Claire pulls out Vortex’s file and gives him his wife’s phone number. Before he can finish his call, Bennett and Sylar bust in. Claire is outraged that Sylar is there with her father. Vortex, on the other hand, thinks Claire set him up and starts another vortex, a big one this time, and runs off. Just as Claire is about to get sucked into the vortex, Sylar grabs onto her.

After the vortex closes down, Claire yanks her hand out of Sylar’s. Bennett asks where Vortex (“Canfield”) went and she snaps to leave the man alone - he doesn’t want to hurt anyone. When Bennett insists that Canfield is dangerous, she points out that so is Sylar, and how dare her father work with the man who cut her head off. Sylar tries to apologize and Bennett snarls at him to never speak to his daughter again. She begs her dad to help Canfield and when he promises he will, she tells him where he can find his escapee.

Adam has brought Hiro and Ando to a bar, saying it’s been a while since he’s had a drink. David Anders is soooooo pretty. He tells Hiro that this bar is the go-to place for “specials for hire” and is likely where Daphne found her employer. In short order, a brawl breaks out, Hiro is knocked unconscious and Adam scurries away. This show really needs to start making Hiro less gullible – it’s just annoying all the time now.

Back at Level 5, Angela brings Nathan up to speed with (1) Peter’s assumption of Sylar’s ability/hunger, (2) his attempt to slice off her head and (3) his subsequent medically induced coma. Nathan then awkwardly introduces Tracy to his mom but Angela already knows everything about her. Tracy threatens to go public about the powers and, sighing, Angela tells them that the Racita doctor was hired to develop the synthetic abilities with which Tracy (and her sisters Niki and Barbara) was implanted. Also, Angela goes on, so were you, Nathan.

Maya returns to the lab to find a huge sticky cocoon full of all sorts of nasty things, including the still-living neighbor. She tries to cut him free, but Mohinder comes home so she hides. Under a table that is not quite covered with a sheet. Then she lets loose with the black gooey eyes of death. Kill him! But he talks her out of it, saying he knows she doesn’t want to be a killer again. When she whimpers that he’s turned into a monster, he says that he wishes she hadn’t said that and advances on her. Kill her! What can I say - I have equal-opportunity dislike for these two twits. Where’s Elle? I miss Elle.

Hiro comes to and he and Ando run out of the bar, right past the dumpster where Adam is hiding. But Knox is there, and as poor Adam climbs out of the dumpster he knocks him out with one punch. Knox speaks into his Bluetooth: “It’s done. What do you want me to do about the Japanese guys?”

Angela has given Nathan and Tracy files to read. Nathan is horrified that his own mother would use him as a lab rat. She points out that his father had been disappointed that Nathan hadn’t been born with powers but figured his genetic makeup would make him a good candidate for the synthetic ones. Working her manipulations for all she’s worth, Angela goes on to say what the Company did to Tracy and her sisters was wrong, she knows that now, and then she asks for their help to get the formula back. Nathan tells his mother to go to hell: “Who else did you use as your own personal guinea pig?” Nathan and Tracy storm out, Nathan telling her that they’ll go to see a scientist who can help them. When Tracy asks if he can be trusted, Nathan smiles, “Suresh? He’s harmless.” Back at the lab, Ol’ Harmless finishes gluing Maya to the wall.

Claire finds Canfield and tells him that her dad will try to help. He is despondent, however, because his wife was a no-show. “Maybe I am a monster!” he cries, and then Bennett steps out of the shadows with a gun. Bennett gives Canfield a choice: send my partner (standing by the car out of earshot) into a vortex and I’ll let you go. Claire looks at her dad like he has gone completely off his nut. Canfield says he can’t do it. They’re taking too long, however, and Sylar starts to get suspicious. Canfield shakes, and cries, and says he won’t be a monster, and steps into his own vortex as everyone watches, shocked.

Hiro and Ando commiserate over a bottle. Ando says that they’re the worst heroes ever (ah, yup!). Just then, Daphne and Knox stroll in. Hiro says they want to join with Daphne’s crew since they also are bad-asses now. Daphne wants them to prove it; Knox tells Hiro to kill Ando since he’s useless, and that’ll prove Hiro’s a bad ass. So Hiro takes a sword that just happens to be hanging on the wall of the bar, apologizes to his best friend, and stabs him in the heart. Incredulous, and bleeding, Ando collapses. Daphne’s jaw hits the floor.

Bennett drops Claire off at home. She’s pretty ticked at her dad. Sylar’s pretty ticked off too. Sylar points out that Bennett used Claire to find Canfield, and then used Canfield to try to get rid of Sylar. Claire thinks that Sylar, monster that he is, has a point. She lies to her dad that she understands, and then she goes into the house. Sandra is so glad that Meredith found her! “Meredith?” wonders Claire.

Ah yes, Meredith. She’s having dinner with a fat, skeezy Level 5 escapee who seems to be controlling her every move, as she stiffly raises and lowers her own fork in sync with him. He tells her to give him a kiss and she does, horror and disgust in her eyes but her free will completely overridden. He’s so gross. The room they’re in is full of dolls and marionettes – and so we’re to understand that he’s a puppet-master.

Back at Level 5, Angela hears a bloodcurdling scream and rushes into the corridor to find Peter and Nathan and Tracy dead. She also sees another man, with bloody hands and a signet ring that the camera lingers on, who tells her that since she sees the future, she’ll have to go. She snaps out of her vision, frozen at her desk. Who was that guy?

Daphne speeds herself back to this Pinehurst Company, late for a meeting with Lindeman. She says everyone is on board so far but she’s very unhappy about the recruiting methods, insisting “I’m not a killer.” Lindeman says there’s one more recruit she needs to get: Parkman. In the meantime she’s figured out that Lindeman isn’t really there – although she doesn’t seem to mind. After she speeds off, Parkman’s dad comes out of the shadows and goes into the Pinehurst building to report on his progress with manipulating Nathan and Daphne to someone in a fancy bed with lots of breathing tubes. This personage is Nathan and Peter’s dad, Angela’s husband (and possibly the man from Angela’s vision). It would appear that he’s the one who’s behind this building of the empowered army.

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