Thursday, June 13, 2013

True Blood episode recap "Let's Get Out of Here" S4E9

Alcide and Bill take the unconscious Sookie back to her house.  Bill manages to feed her some of his blood, healing her.  Alcide is irate, reminding Sookie that once again she nearly got killed because of her involvement with "fangers."  She just says that they need to find Eric.  The witches regroup at the Moongoddess Emporium, the ensorcelled Eric in tow.  Marnie/Antonia has a plan: they're going to take Eric to a "Festival of Tolerance" pro-vampire rally tomorrow night and turn him loose, showing the world what damage vampires can do, and then they're going to show what they can do to vampires.  Tara and Holly are all WTF but Marnie/Antonia won't let them leave.

Luna is nervous that the angry Marcus will come back and hassle them further so Sam suggests they steal away and go camping instead.  They spend a nice day together, the three of them, and the next night, with Emma asleep in another tent, Sam and Luna have Big Sex.

Back at Bill's mansion, Jessica is hilariously recounting her disaster of a love life to a singularly uninterested Nan.  When an agitated Bill returns, Nan wants to know what going on, what he's fucked up now.  Cut to: Bill, Jessica and Nan covered in silver in the basement to guard against the pissed off witches for the day.  Bill and Nan snarl and snipe at each other. Nan refuses to cancel the Festival of Hate even though Bill is sure the witches will try to sabotage it; she tells him that he's welcome to up the security if he thinks there'll be a problem.

In the morning, the possessed Lafayette throws Hoyt out of his house (because that's where ghost lady used to live back when she was alive), muttering, "This my house, this my bebe."  Hoyt calls Jason, who is over with Arlene and Terry who are freaking out over Mikey's disappearance.  Hoyt tells Jason about Lafayette, the baby and the gun.  Everyone heads over to Hoyt's immediately.

OH MY EFFING HELL: Sookie has a sex dream where she's with both Bill and Eric at the same time, because she's a wishywashy twit who can't make up her mind.  Anna Paquin has a rockin' body, however.  This scene is cheesy beyond belief, even for this show, complete with soft focus.

Marcus turns up at Merlotte's, looking for Sam.  Tommy is there, writing his big brother a goodbye note.  But when Marcus says that he wants a meeting with Sam, Tommy has another idea: suicide by werewolf.  Later, Alcide swings by Marcus's to say that he'd be interested in moving up in the pack because it's important to Debbie.  Marcus is like, yeah, sure, and could you and your really large muscles come by the shop tonight when this shifter, who's moving in on my ex, stops by?  I mean, not in so many words but still.

It's a total Keystone Kops clusterfuck at Hoyt's house as Andy and Jason try to get Lafayette to come outside.  On the plus side, we learn that the ghost lady's name is Mavis.  Arlene is smart enough to call Jesus and tell him that his boyfriend is acting very strangely; when Jesus gets there, and goes inside the house, he figures out the possession quickly.  Nelsan Ellis is really wonderful as Mavis-in-Lafayette.  Mavis breaks down and tells Jesus that her baby is dead and she just wants to hold him one more time.  Jesus has an idea. He takes Mavis back through her memories to figure out where the bodies are buried.  That night, Jesus and Hoyt dig up the backyard and find the remains of both mother and baby.  Mavis/Lafayette cradles the baby's bones for a bit until Jesus tells her it's time for her to leave and let Lafayette go.  Mavis's spirit pours out of Lafayette in a wave of golden light - and everyone there, Jesus, Hoyt, Arlene, Terry, sees poor Mavis fly on up to Heaven, calling "thank you" to an exhausted Lafayette.

Over at Moongoddess Emporium, Debbie (who is helping Sookie in an attempt to curb her jealousy) distracts Marnie/Antonia long enough for Sookie to sneak into the back.  She finds the ensorcelled Eric who tells her that the plan is for him to kill Bill.  Tara catches her and gets Sookie to read her mind, telling her that Bill is over at the Festival at some swanky hotel.  Sookie escapes and heads to the Festival.  Marnie/Antonia grabs Eric and another couple of faithful members of her coven and heads to the Festival herself, casting a spell on the magic shop's doors and locking the rest of the coven (including Tara and Holly) inside.

Jason stops by Bill's house to give Jessica her stuff from Hoyt's house.  She's sad.  And Jason can't help himself: they have energetic sex in the bed of his pickup truck.  Down in Shreveport, Tommy-as-Sam lurches  into Marcus's auto body shop.  Sam Trammel does a nice job of doing Tommy mimicking Sam's speech patterns.  The shifter pisses the werewolves off immediately and they kick the living shit out of him until Alcide steps in.  Badly beaten, Tommy is unable to hold Sam's form and shifts back into himself.  Alcide gathers him up and carries him out.

At the Festival of Tolerance,  there's all sorts of pro-vampire speeches ... until Marnie/Antonia and her crew show up.  When the other sheriffs corner Eric, Marnie/Antonia casts a spell on them and then turns them loose on the human audience.  That's pretty cold, actually.  Sookie sneaks in to warn Bill but the carnage has already started as the ensorcelled sheriffs kill all Bill's bodyguards.  Sookie shrieks at Bill to run but Eric already has him in his sights.

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