Sunday, June 16, 2013

True Blood episode recap "Burning Down the House" S4E10

Marnie/Antonia orders her ensorcelled vampires to "kill the King!"  All hell breaks loose in the convention hall.  Antonia breaks free of Marnie momentarily, horrified by the carnage she's caused.  Sookie tries to break up the fight between Eric and Bill and, just as Eric is about to stake ol' Bill, she screams "No more!" and shoots a helluva lot of faerie light at him.  The blast manages to break the spells on Eric and all his memories coming flooding back.  FINALLY.  Up in the balcony, Marnie/Antonia is all, oh shit, I gotta get out of here.

After the truck sex, Jason feels guilty for betraying Hoyt.  Jessica doesn't - she's over it: "Fuckin' humans.  I'm gonna go find someone to eat."  Meanwhile, Alcide wants to take Tommy to the hospital but Tommy, his body shifting uncontrollably, says that he's dying and asks the big wolf to take him home.  Apparently, skinwalking is not so much a good idea.

Back at Bill's mansion, Nan is ready to glamour the humans and spin what happened at the Festival of Tolerance, but Bill's all, you are not in charge anymore and we are going to kill that necromancer by any means possible.  And in the other room, Eric tells Sookie that even though he's back in form, he still loves her.  She's all, I love you but I love Bill too.  FM: Bored now.  Sookie hears Bill's plan to blow up the Moongoddess Emporium and is upset because Tara (and other assorted humans) are inside.  But Bill refuses to listen to her.

Sam meets Alcide and Tommy at Merlotte's.  They bring the dying boy inside and lay him on the pool table.  The two older men try their best to comfort him.  "There ain't no Heaven," groans Tommy, "and Hell's a dogfight.  I'm gonna disappear like I was never here - it's what I want."  He apologizes to his older brother and Sam tells him that nothing was his fault.  Tommy: "You were the best part of my life."  A few struggling breaths later and he dies.  Sam looks at Alcide: Marcus is one dead fuckin' wolf.

There's this fairly adorable scene(s), where Terry runs an intervention on his V-snortin' cousin Andy, taking him out to "Fort Bellefleur," an old treehouse they built when they were kids.  They shoot guns and Terry talks about his PTSD and it's all very cute.  But I don't really care about the plotline so I'm not recapping it.  Needless to say, Andy finally gets a grip.

In a backroom of the Moongoddess Emporium (am I sick of writing that name or what?), Antonia pulls herself out of Marnie and the two witches argue: Antonia feels badly about hurting humans and she thinks there are just too many vampires to fight in this day and age; Marnie, however, wants to keep on course.  She sucks the Spanish witch back into her.

Sookie, Jason, Lafayette and Jesus go to town and hunker down outside the magic shop.  Jesus is determined to cast out Antonia and save Marnie, not knowing that Marnie has lost her shit.  He heads to the shop, telling Sookie to keep listening for him.  He can't get in there, though, because there's a magical forcefield surrounding the store.  Marnie/Antonia goes out to meet him, saying that if he can force his way in, she can use him.  He fights his way in, but it causes him great pain and his inner demon comes out - prompting Jason to ask, "What's wrong with his head?" to which Lafayette replies, "It's a Latin thang."  Inside, Jesus speaks with both Antonia and Marnie and is surprised to learn that none of this has been against Marnie's will: she is thrilled with the powers she's acquired.  Jesus sends a mental update to Sookie, telling her that Marnie is the one running the show.  In the other room, Tara and Holly try casting a spell.  They run outside; Sookie and Lafayette run to them; an angry Marnie teleports them all away.  Jason, left behind, is all, WTF now?

That night, Bill, Eric, Jessica and Pam drive to the magic shop.  They're all dressed in black leather, toting some serious firepower and looking dead-sexy and dangerous.  Shit's about to get blown up, y'all.

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