Tuesday, June 4, 2013

True Blood episode recap "Cold Grey Light of Dawn" S4E7

Marnie escapes from Bill's mansion with the help of that vampire sheriff she enthralled.  After she's gone, the sheriff goes to see Bill with a message from Marnie/Antonia: he shoots Bill and tries to kill him, but Bill ends up staking him without getting any answers.  Down in Shreveport, Alcide and Debbie officially join the wolf pack.  Why is it that all the werewolves on this show are rednecks?  Debbie's psyched but Alcide less so, especially since he's preoccupied with worrying about Sookie, which pisses Debbie off.

You know, there's stuff going on with Tara but I'm not really interested in it because she's such a downer.  Needless to say, she breaks up with her New Orleans girlfriend and throws herself back into the Bon Temps weirdness.  There's also some Andy Bellefleur stuff, but whatever: he's still taking V because it makes him feel stronger and more confident.  He's just a junkie.

Hoyt stops by to check on Jason, who is nervous about seeing his buddy what with the recent sex dream he had about Jessica (and Hoyt).  Hoyt says he thinks he's losing Jessica; Jason doesn't want to talk about it.

Bill calls Jessica to the mansion and tells her about Antonia possessing Marnie and the danger the necromancer poses to vampires.  Bill tells his remaining sheriffs to notify the local vampire population to either leave the area or willfully chain themselves with silver during daylight hours so Marnie can't make them walk into the sunlight.

Sookie and Eric move to her house and have sex all over it.  Afterwards, they cuddle and Eric's all in luuuurrve.  Gross.  During their pillow talk, she confesses that she'd like him to get his memories back for his sake, but she doesn't want him to change.  He points out that regaining his memories will absolutely change him: Would you still want me?  Ugh.

Down at Fangtasia, Pam is getting some kind of horrifying treatment which will strip away the exterior rot; she'll have to take six shots a day for the rest of her life to keep herself pretty, unless the curse can be lifted.  Pam is appalled but she's totally going to do whatever it takes to get her face back.  Meanwhile, Sam takes Tommy to the hospital but he bounces back quickly, feeling good enough to go back home.

Bill swings by Sookie's house, bringing a bunch of silver chains so Eric can keep safe down in his bunker.  "If you care anything for him, you will do this, or it will be his last day on earth."  As dawn approaches, Bill, Jessica, Eric, Pam, etc., all our favorite vampires, drape silver chains over their ankles, wrists, bellies and throats.  The pain is immense, draining their strength, burning their skin and causing them to bleed.  The stronger the vampire, the more silver they must bear just to keep themselves safe.

Out in the woods, Antonia/Marnie finds Tara, walking alone and drinking, and recruits her to the cause, drawing on their shared misery at the hands of vampires.  Tara convinces Holly to come back to the coven to help.  On their way back from Mexico, Jesus tells Lafayette how rare it is to be a medium, to be able to connect with the dead like that.  Also, Sam calls Luna who tells him to fuck right off, since her last experience with "Sam" was less than fun.  The real Sam's all, what did I do?  He tracks her down and together they manage to hash out what happened: Tommy skinwalking into his older brother.  They are both horrified for all sorts of reasons.  Sam goes home and confronts Tommy, furiously throwing him out.  Tommy pleads but Sam is unmoved.

At Merlotte's, since he's a medium, Lafayette can see the ghost mama hanging around Arlene's baby Mikey. He shoos the ghost away.  Also, Alcide and Debbie have remarkably chemistry-free sex.  Debbie thinks her man is in love with Sookie and methinks Alcide doth protest too much.  Also, the actress playing Debbie is shitty at crying.

Marnie/Antonia doesn't get her coven together until the afternoon, leaving the vampires to suffer all day.  But when she gathers the circle and casts out the spell, it's extremely powerful.  Bill and Eric struggle against their chains but cannot break free. Jessica, however, has not been restrained strongly enough.  She gets loose and staggers upstairs, dragging herself to the front doors of the mansion.  She unlocks them and pulls them wide open, sunlight flooding over her.

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