Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Mini movie review: Super 8

When Super 8 came out in the theaters, I can remember how excited all the fan-boys were.  A J.J. Abrams movie homage to the good Spielberg movies!  Ooh! Squee!  So exciting to have a science fiction/alien movie the way they used to be done.  Well, I just watched Super 8 on DVD and I'm not so sure what all the hullaballoo was about - I was fairly unimpressed.  I thought the CGI came off very poorly, although maybe it was better on a movie screen (altho' my television screen has translated other CGI-heavy flicks with no ill effects).  I liked the cast - Elle Fanning was really good and it's always nice to see Kyle Chandler getting work - but at least two of the boys got completely lost along the way ... unlike The Goonies, which managed to keep the audience engaged with its entire ensemble the whole way through.  And I thought the story was kind of lame: alien ripping apart a town, killing people and smashing things into mayhem, then three seconds of face time with our young hero and the alien (1) has suddenly fixed his ship and (2) leaves without further ado/mayhem.  Bollocks, I say.  I felt short-changed - unlike, say, Cloverfield, which wasn't the most original ending but at least felt like an ending.  Super 8 just sort of stops short.  I sure did like the kids' finished zombie movie, though.

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