Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The hiatus is almost over

This time the excuse is that Mr. Mouse and I had to go back east to upstate New York to visit family and attend the wedding of a very dear friend.  I did make it about halfway through The Girl Who Played with Fire, so a review of that will be up here eventually.  It took us fifteen hours to get back home yesterday, mostly due to horrific layovers; we spent some time in airport bars and discovered what may be our new favorite show: Restaurant Impossible.  It's not something that will turn up here ever really, but it was still fun: "Your food is crap!  The service is crap! Do you want me to help you or what?"  Heh.  Meanwhile, I absolutely positively promise to get a Sarah Connor recap up here this week.  It's like ripping off a Band-aid: I keep putting it off and putting it off, but if I just friggin' do it, it'll all be fine.

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