Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The Walking Dead S2E6 "Secrets" (11/20/11)

It's morning at Herschel's farm and the routine poultry chores are being done: tossing grain out for the hens, gathering eggs, feeding the barn-zombies with crippled chickens.  You know, regular farm stuff.

Glen can't stop staring at the barn.  Maggie asks him to please keep quiet even though he tells her that he sucks at keeping secrets.  Then he goes and pleads with Lori to take better care of herself, now that she's with child and all, and for God's sake, tell Rick what's going on.  She too tells him to please keep quiet.  Andrea stops by Darryl's tent and apologizes for the umpteenth time for shooting him in the head.  He says it's okay, she was just protecting the group, but next time she shoots him she better actually kill him.  Rick and Shane muse over the maps, planning out the next Sophia-search - perhaps north, in a housing development.  Carl is acting out a little bit - taking a gun from Dale's RV and asking Shane to teach him to shoot.  Lori doesn't like it but Rick thinks it wouldn't be a terrible idea and she finally relents.  Most of the group heads off to the fields for a shooting lesson, including several of Herschel's people.  Since Otis was the only one handy with a gun, the patriarch realizes that his people need to know how to protect themselves.  After a few rounds, Andrea is proving a crack shot.

When the gang has gone, Glen can't stand it any longer and spills his guts (not literally) to Dale.  A little later, Dale approaches Herschel and tells him that he heard the moans coming from the barn when he was out taking a walk.  Herschel seems to think the zombies are still people - his wife and stepson are in that barn - and doesn't want to kill them.  He tells Dale that the barn is plenty secure and asks him to please keep this to himself - some of the other folks in Dale's group might not exercise such restraint.

Lori finds Herschel out mending fences (literally) and thanks him again for saving Carl's life.  When she says that her group can earn their keep, Herschel is like, yeah, well, I imagine now that Carl's better you'll be moving on - Fort Benning, wasn't it?  She stares at him for a moment and then stalks off to find Rick.  She's very upset at the thought of having to leave this sanctuary with its shelter and water and medical supplies - and Rick promises that he's trying to get Herschel to reconsider.

Andrea and Shane stay late for advanced shooting practice.  He yells at her, goading her, trying to get her to keep her focus while under stress.  But he goes too far ("Imagine that's the walker that killed Amy!") and she  stomps off.  He chases after her and apologizes, then asks her to come with him as back-up when he goes out Sophia-searching.  Andrea is slightly appeased and agrees to go.

Dale is cooking burgers and musing about the barn-walkers, but is not too preoccupied to notice Lori getting nauseated by the smell of the cooking meat.  She ends up pouring her heart out to him, trying to explain why she hooked up with Shane when she thought Rick was dead, and how scared she is to bring a baby into this horrible new world.  Dale doesn't judge, just lets her let it out.  I like Dale.  Lori then goes to Glen and apologizes for putting him in that uncomfortable situation.  He says it's okay, and can he bring her anything from town?  Yes, yes he can.

Maggie rides into town with him, still pissed about him telling Dale about the barn-zombies.  He tells her that she's been isolated and if she'd seen Atlanta, she wouldn't be okay with keeping the walkers in the barn.  When they get to the pharmacy, she goes into the back for Lori's medications.  The camera is tight on her face so I know it's coming, but I still jump when the zombie grabs her arm.  She screams and Glen runs to the back.  He whacks the zombie in the head with a shelf, which breaks the thing's neck but doesn't kill it, so he has to smash its skull in.  Miraculously, he gets no blood on himself at all.  Which is good because Maggie is a freaking mess, grabbing him and sobbing.

When they return to the farm, Maggie gets in Lori's face, barking that they are not her errand boys and throwing her supplies in her face: "Here are your abortion pills!"  Glen goggles at Lori then runs after Maggie.  She's still so freaked out and tells him that she likes him, he's smart and brave and a leader, but his friends just use him as walker bait and she can't take losing him like that after she's lost so many other people.

Shane and Andrea go to the housing development and start to search each house, calling out for Sophia and/or survivors.  They find nothing but carnage and corpses ... and a bunch of lively zombies.  At first Andrea is not such a crack shot with moving, moaning, drooling targets.  Then she focuses and starts dropping them one after another.  Shane has to beg her to get back into the car.  On the drive back to the farm,  Andrea is still all het up and she reaches across and grabs ahold of Shane's crotch, rubbing and squeezing gently.  He grins at her, she smirks at him and he stops the car in the middle of the road.  "Come on then," he says.

Glen goes back to talk to Lori.  He tells her that yes, it was a close call at the pharmacy but they're okay.  He asks if the morning-after pills will work and she replies that she doesn't even know if she wants them too.  He hands her another bottle of pills that he picked up for her in case her decision goes the other way: prenatal vitamins.  He also tells her that she shouldn't be trying to make this decision alone.  Later, Lori is crying in her tent.  She takes the morning-after pills, washing them down with water, then runs out into the woods and sticks her finger down her throat, horking up the pills.  Guess she just made her choice.

When Shane and Andrea get back to the farm, Dale immediately picks up on the post-sex vibes and gets protective.  He tells Shane that maybe he should leave the group: he doesn't trust him, he's not convinced of his Otis story, and he remembers that time Shane thought about shooting Rick.  Shane is pissed and tells Dale that if he thinks Shane's the kind of man who would shoot his BFF, maybe he should worry about what he might do to a guy he doesn't even like.  Dale looks a little shaken after this discussion.

When Rick stops by his and Lori's tent, he sees the empty morning-after pill packets.  He finds his wife out in one of the fields and asks her if she's got something to tell him.  "We can't leave because I'm pregnant."  Rick is wild that not only was she making the decision about the baby without him, she wouldn't even tell him she was pregnant in the first place.  "I can't live like this - is there anything else I don't know?"  Lori totally mans up and says, "Shane and I ..." but Rick cuts her off, "I know, of course I know.  You thought I was dead.  The world went to shit and you thought I was dead, right?"  Lori can only nod, tears streaking her face.

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