Sunday, November 13, 2011


I've watched some stuff lately, none of which has compelled me enough to write a full post about but I thought I'd just throw something up here for the hell of it.

Bridesmaids - Since Mr. Mouse was long-suffering all through October with my horror movies, Bridesmaids was my first conciliatory attempt at a movie we both might like.  Meh.  Neither of us found it as funny as we  had been led to believe, although I think giving yellow Lab puppies as bridal shower party favors is an excellent idea.

Dinner for Schmucks - This was my second attempt and, well, strike two.  We both like Paul Rudd a lot and think Zach Galifikianwhatsisname was the best part of The Hangover (and I keep meaning to watch Between Two Ferns because he's supposed to be great in that), and Mr. Mouse is a big U.S. Office fan, plus it was nice to see some Flight of the Conchords folks getting some work.  We chuckled aloud several times but mostly I thought it was pretty dumb.  Also, Ron Livingston has all of a sudden gotten old.

Hell on Wheels - We watched the pilot last week and while it certainly isn't breaking any new ground, we liked it enough to keep it in the queue.  It sure did remind us of how much we miss Deadwood, however.

Skins - I'm up to series 4 of the U.K. version on Hulu and am still enjoying the hell out of it.  The first two seasons/series were in general stronger than 3 and 4, I think - less sensational (I wasn't really buying the whole Effie hit Katie upside the head with a rock and left her to die in the woods bit) - but I'm finally warming up to the new characters, even Cook, who makes poor doomed Chris from 1 and 2 look like a choir boy.


  1. Looks like Misfits Series 3 has started.

  2. Really? I had no idea - that totally makes my day!