Friday, November 18, 2011

Joe vs. The Walking Dead, part 2

More Facebook conversations between Joe and me:

Joe: How the hell do you keep a barnfull of walkers under wraps for that long?

FM: Exactly!  Like none of Rick's group noticed that the barn was locked up?  (Of course, Rick's gang is a pretty stupid group of individuals - Herschel was correct in that it's a miracle they have for survived for so long.)  And I'm thinking a herd of trapped walkers makes noises - moaning, groaning, what have you - that would be heard out in the quiet country nighttime.  But why do you think he's got them locked up?  Are they family members/loved ones whom he can't bear to kill?  Or are they for some other nefarious purpose?

Joe:  It was mentioned that Herschel wanted to deal with the walkers, presumably because he had some issues with violence [Ed.: like not letting his people carry guns].  He probably isn't working on a cure - maybe it's some kind of zombie dog-fighting ring.

FM: *crosses fingers*

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