Sunday, March 28, 2010

Mini movie review: Zombieland

My attempts to get Mr. Mouse to successfully watch a horror movie with me are failing miserably.  He "watched" Shredder but began reading a magazine halfway through; he refused to be in the same room for Ginger Snaps, Jennifer's Body and Paranormal Activity, instead grumping when the screaming got too loud.  But I really thought I'd found a match in Zombieland.  I mean, he saw Shaun of the Dead, ferchrissakes: another horror/comedy zombie-lite flick that clocks in at an efficient 81 minutes seemed just the thing.

I thought Zombieland was great fun.  Standard plot - after the inevitable zombie apocalypse (mad cow leads to mad human leads to zombies), a small band of survivors make their way across the country in search of safe haven.  There's the erstwhile narrator (Jesse Eisenberg), a still envirginated* bundle of neuroses who is searching for a normal life, a borderline insane but entirely charismatic Southern badass (Woody Harrelson) who is searching for a Twinkie, and a couple of cute, canny, grifter sisters (Emma Stone and Abigail Breslin) both far older than their years.  Mike White also has an extended cameo and ends up being eaten by a zombie whilst on the crapper, which is awesome.

Also awesome is the third act - has any other moviemaker thought to have the last stand against the zombies set in an amusement park?  I thought they did a great job working the set into the various zombie kills: lots of movement, color and light, not your standard zombie fare.

* which, as we all know, practically guarantees survival in a horror flick

Oh, and Mr. Mouse?  Slept through the whole dang thing.


  1. Absolutely love Zombieland. The xters all work so great together. I've been meaning to buy it, just keep putting it off.

    I can't believe Mr. Mouse fell asleep?!

  2. Zombieland and Slither are both on my short list to buy - fun, fun stuff.

    To be fair, he was mostly asleep when I put the DVD in.