Saturday, March 13, 2010

Mini movie review: The Hangover

In an attempt to watch something foolish and funny and not at all depressing, Mr. Mouse and I turned to The Hangover last night.  Mr. Mouse had already seen it - in the theater! without me!! - but was willing to give it another go.  Except for the fact that my rental DVD had a glitch/scratch that meant we had to skip the scene with the "Black Doug" revelation (Mr. M kindly filled me in), I thoroughly enjoyed this grown-up, fairly intelligent entry into the dumb-raunchy movie genre.  Having a mystery for the main characters to follow through the duration elevated this flick above most of the others in its genre, keeping the audience entertained and interested, and not just along for the road trip ride. 

The casting was great - has Bradley Cooper ever looked hotter? - and I particularly liked Jeffrey Tambor and Heather Graham's little bit roles, although I found Ken Jeong annoying and slightly offensive.  As others before me have said, the standout was Zach Galifianakis.  I knew him from Tru Calling only, not any of his comedy (which I now have to go dig up on YouTube), and found him to be very, very funny with great timing. 

"Tigers love pepper.  They hate cinnamon."  Can I get a t-shirt with that on it?


  1. You should totally make a shirt that says that!

    Hangover was a blast. And here I was thinking I was the only person who ever watched Tru Calling. Did you know he's from the NC mountains?

    That works as a nice segue into the delicious maple, brown sugar bacon ice cream I ate in Asheville, NC last week. I will be posting pics on my site very soon.

  2. Well, I think you and I were, in fact, the only two people who watched TC.

    Maple! Brown sugar! Bacon! Ice cream! I cannot express my envy enough - sounds divine.