Monday, June 29, 2009

Mini movie review: Pineapple Express

Another rainy day, another opportunity to watch a movie: this time, Pineapple Express. I'm not going to synopsize the plot; I'm so far behind in finally seeing this flick that you all already know what it's about: a process server (Seth Rogen) and his pot dealer (James Franco) get caught up in murder and drug-related mayhem. Hilarity and gun shots ensue.

I read a lot of reviews of PE when it came out, many of them decrying the violence as having no place in a stoner comedy. True, there is a fair bit of violence: feral fighting, gunshots to the head at close range. Bodies are in rough shape to be sure. But PE is a comedy like Shaun of the Dead is a comedy: there's more to it than that. SotD was terrifically gruesome in parts (David's de-guttification in the pub window, in particular) but still hilarious. Similarly PE is quite violent - Drugs Are Bad, People, is the message - while still being very funny.

James Franco is just awesome as the perpetually stoned pot dealer Saul. Seth Rogen doesn't really do much stretching acting-wise here; his character is largely the same character he's played in all his movies. I would have like to have seen more of Gary Cole - although he's the big bad, he has very little presence. The supporting players - Danny McBride, Craig Robinson, Ed Begley Jr. - steal their scenes whenever they can. And I have to admit that seeing the shrill, screechy Rosie Perez get squished by a Daewoo was particularly satisfying.


  1. I would have liked to seen more Gary Cole. The man is a genius at being a sleaze.

    I'm fairly certain Rogen plays Rogen really well, although he stretches a bit in Observe & Report.

  2. O&R is definitely on my list, between what I've heard about Rogen's work in it plus my newfound appreciation for Anna Faris.

  3. I love Anna Faris. She's a trip. Did you see Just Friends? She's a riot in that.