Thursday, June 18, 2009

Man, I got so Housed

I'm not saying that I watch a lot of television or anything, but this past Monday, June 15, 2009, Mr. Mouse and I finished watching the last episode out of all five seasons of House that we hadn't yet seen ... and we didn't even start watching the show until New Year's Day 2009.

That's like 110 episodes or something, given a short first season and the writers' strike. We were flipping channels on New Year's and found that both Fox and USA were in the habit of running House marathons. One packed DVR and six months later, I can confidently say that (a) I prefer the initial team of Chase, Cameron and Foreman, (b) Kutner's suicide was bogus, (c) there's no way Thirteen should have hit the #1 spot on Maxim's "Hot 100" list as she's too damn skinny and (d) Cuddy definitely looks better without bangs.


  1. Whoa, you put my TV watching skills to shame!

    a) totally agree - 1st team was the best.
    b) yep.
    c) she is ultra-skinny, but I love those eyes. Not #1, but it is Maxim after all. Year One producers probably paid a lot for that rank.
    d)My wife said the exact same thing!

    What about Cameron, brunette or blonde?

  2. I think I prefer the blonde version of Cameron, simply because by that time she wasn't quite so needy/whiny/totally annoying. Blonde Cameron actually has a backbone now and again.

  3. Yes she does. Much improved over her wishy-washy brunette self.