Saturday, July 5, 2008

More ado about nothing

Okay, I know the last few posts have been not much to write home about, but I have excuses there are reasons.

First, there's just not that much watchable television on right now. Mr. Mouse and I are digging the Olympic trials but I'm really not going to recap those for you. And other than Mad Men and Burn Notice, the only new stuff out there seems to be I Survived a Japanese Game Show - and I'm really not going to recap that for you. (Sidebar: what's the deal with Burn Notice getting all these ravematastic reviews lately? Critics weren't glowing over its first season - is it just that much better now in comparison to the non-competition? And where's Bruce Campbell in all the ads for it? Wasn't he on that show too?)

Second, I can't seem to get too excited about the movies right now. I do want to see WALL-E (but I think I have time - it's not going anywhere) and I'd really like to see The Fall (but it isn't playing anywhere in my entire state from what I can tell) and I'm not at all going to pay theater prices to see Hancock. Bring on The Dark Knight and Hellboy II!

Third, Mouses need little vacations too and I'm taking a couple of days off here. It's a holiday, dang it! I'll be back later in the week, most likely with a new book review, so check back later, y'all. Right now I have a bourbon slush that needs my undivided attention.

P.S. I have been watching season 2 of The 4400. I quite liked the first season ... and then I saw the first season of Heroes, and realized that The 4400 is pretty much Heroes-lite - a bunch of fairly attractive people with unknown or unexplained powers are being tracked/hunted by shadow organizations who are either out to help them or exploit them - only with much worse acting. But Summer Glau has shown up in the second season and I like her (Angel/Firefly/television Terminator) so hopefully she'll help them out a bit.


  1. I just saw Hellboy II last night - good stuff. Still waiting impatiently for Dark Knight to get here.

    I still haven't started watching the 4400, really need to get my Summer Glau fix. I'm excited about S2 of Burn Notice, just hope Bruce stays a prominent sidekick.

  2. So Bruce IS a prominent sidekick? He was really promoted as an asset for the first season but I have yet to see him in the promos for S2, which gives me concern.

    Thus far in S2 of 4400 Summer is in her crazy River mode, not her kickass Terminator mode - just to give you fair warning.

    I've been out of commission these last few days. DYING to see Hellboy II - canNOT wait!

  3. A friend tells me Bruce is still a major player in S2. I've only seen him in one quick scene in the promos which had me worried too.

    I caught half an ep of 4400 a few years back with Summer in an asylum before I kept trucking since I had no clue for what was happening. Maybe once I catch up to current Battlestar, I will rent 4400 and see all her crazy glory.