Friday, July 18, 2008

Have you been Horrible today?

If you haven't, please hurry up and get on it. I cannot express how funny, clever, entertaining and well-done Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog is. It's a frickin' web series that is frankly better than anything on television these days.

It's only around for free on the internets until Sunday. Acts I and II are up and running; Act III goes live tomorrow. Get it while it's Horrible!


  1. Sadly, I didn't see this until today. I missed the original web posts and didn't want to pay iTunes. Luckily, CakeWrecks has a post about it that mentioned it's now on Hulu!
    I loved it. It reminded me of "Once More With Feeling", which is a good thing. I love Nathan Fillion and Barney, I mean, Doogie, no, NPH. Great all around and he was really a horse. Awesome.

  2. NPH is just amazing in Dr. Horrible, and this of course did nothing to lessen my Fillion-crush. I ended up buying the DVD because one of the coolest things is that they did a full-length SUNG commentary which is so smart and clever and incisive. And yes, he's actually a horse. Which is just so brilliant. I'm glad you finally got to see it.