Monday, July 21, 2008

Oh, the humidity!

I'm seriously, folks - it will not stop raining or drizzling or misting or downpouring or being heavily overcast or steamy or sweaty or soggy or damp. It is just miserable - hot, sticky and miserable. I must have dumped out my dehumidifier 800 times in the last week (into the washing machine because I am thrifty and green and why waste water?) and I am still giving Frieda a run for her money.

It's enough to drive a girl to drink - so here's a new recipe, compliments of my California Cousin and her husband: David's Deadly Snowflakes:

Fill a blender with crushed ice. Add a can (16 oz.) of frozen limeade. Refill empty limeade can with cheap vodka and pour into blender. Add a dash of half-and-half* and blend 'til smooth. Mmmmm. (Note: four batches will require four cans of limeade, a whole bottle of vodka and lots of ice. Quoth my cousin: "It's worth it.") (* I'm thinking that a dash of cream of coconut might be a nice variation too.)

On a non-alcoholic front, I've seen some stuff lately that merits a mention:
  • Dr. Horrible came, conquered my heart and then tore it out, per usual with Mr. Whedon.
  • The latest Heroes webisode is up now - not as good as the first one but very splattery!
  • I saw the newly released on DVD Batman anime, Gotham Knight: I'm sure people who know anything about anime will really appreciate it but I just liked it for the stories. (Kevin C. is loaning me The Animatrix to up my anime exposure.)
  • I discovered The Guild online, season 1, created by and starring Felicia Day ("Penny" from Dr. Horrible) - hee hee hee!
  • I watched S2E2 of Burn Notice and S1E2 of Flashpoint and deemed both better than the initial offerings.
  • I finally finished Cowboy Bebop: The Movie. Outstanding fight scene between Spike and Vincent in the finale. I only wish I hadn't dragged my feet on watching it - I scarcely remember the series's stories and I think that would have added to my Bebop movie experience.
  • I did not fight the crowds to see The Dark Knight this weekend. I have a feeling it'll be around for a while and will catch it when some of the hullaballoo has quieted down.

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