Sunday, April 22, 2012

Two books and a movie

I just got the second and third books from Joe Abercrombie's The First Law trilogy from the library, so now I can't do anything else but tear through them because I am obsessed with these books.  However, here are snippets about other things I've been reading/watching, in case you're interested.

11/22/63 by Stephen King - Stephen King doesn't need people to review his books anymore.  The man is unstoppable and everything he writes is pretty much automatically a best-seller.  11/22/63 is somewhat of a departure for him in that there are no monsters or ghosties or long-legged beasties.  It's a fantasy, of course, a time-travel story in which the protagonist goes back in time to stop the Kennedy assassination.  I liked it quite a lot (I am not an objective observer, though, as I love SK).  He does a particularly nice job with creating the 1958-1963 world and its denizens.

Moneyball - Mr. Mouse has been haranguing me for weeks about getting the movie Moneyball.  He read the book and is a baseball fan so, it figures.  We finally got the movie and even though it clocks in at over two hours, we both managed to stay awake and engaged.  The film's cast is stacked - we were constantly going, "Who's that guy?" "Oh look, it's that guy!" - and Brad Pitt and Jonah Hill do a nice job with their roles, although I'm not so sure I would have nominated Pitt for that Oscar.  It was refreshing to see Hill step out of his comfort zone.  Also, SPOILER I totally applauded the t.v. when Andy from Parks and Rec hit his homerun.

Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can't Stop Talking by Susan Cain - I am an introvert who has learned extroverted behaviors for my public persona.  Apparently the fact that I abhor going out to lunch and prefer to spend my hour with my nose in a book in the cafeteria has not gone unnoticed; a coworker gave me this book.  It's non-fiction (duh) and although it's quite interesting, it's a book that you extroverts should read ... because I already know it all.  (Well, not the science-y bits.)  Well-written, easy to read.  But now that I have more Abercrombie, it's going to have wait for a bit.


  1. I can understand your obsession about this book, i love this writer and he is very talented.

  2. I wish he'd hurry up and write more because I think once I finish these two, I'm all caught up. And that will be sad.