Wednesday, March 16, 2011

This is another filler post

I'm so sorry. I really will flood FMS with a bunch of Fringe recaps pretty soon.  But now we have company coming to stay and ski and I won't be anywhere near the computer and/or television while they're here (trying to be polite and entertaining, you see).

Ponder this in the meantime: has Glee jumped the shark?  I thought the most recent episode was slightly better than what we've been getting (too much Gwyneth Paltrow for my taste and why does Blaine get more songs than anyone and since when does Santana have actual feelings for Brittany?), but I think the show may have lost its heart.  Anyone else got an opinion?

What about House?  I think it jumped when House and Cuddy got together.  When you have a show that relies on a formula, you shouldn't screw with the formula.  There's a reason why those dang CSIs are so enduring: they don't tend to screw with the formula and if they do, they don't stray too far.  (Or at least they didn't used to - I haven't watched a CSI in years.)

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