Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Fringe recap: S1E11 "Bound"

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The Bishops fret in the lab, worried about the kidnapped Olivia.  Broyles, meanwhile, has initiated a massive search for his missing agent.

Olivia is strapped to a gurney and rolling through a dark hallway.  A man in a mask places electrodes on her head then flips the gurney top over in order to stick a huge needle into her spine.  Olivia cringes and grimaces.  After the procedure, the man pulls off his mask to go back to his day job: he's Mitchell Loeb, FBI agent and the man in charge of teleporting Mr. Jones out of his German prison.  Olivia pleads with the remaining lab techs to give her a drink of water.  They loosen her bonds, allowing her to sit up.  She sips the water gratefully, then smashes the beaker against a lab tech's head.  She beats the shit out of several bad guys, grabs some test tubes, a phone and a set of keys from a table and escapes.  She steals a car, calling Broyles for immediate back-up and to raid the building.  She parks a little ways away to wait for her back-up and for some reason buries the test tubes in a vacant lot.  A bunch of cars pull up, sirens blaring.  Men jump out and point guns at her.  Her expression is: WTF? I'm the good guy/escapee/victim here!  Olivia turns to run for it and gets tranqed for her trouble.

When she comes to, she is in the hospital, handcuffed to the bed.  Harris - the Internal Affairs guy - is at her bedside and he is not pleasant - apparently he's the guy she had court-martialed for sexual assault.  The conviction was set aside and he's got a new job now: investigating Broyles's group.  [During the course of their conversation, there's a recap of the series to date, complete with flashbacks, in case we've forgotten what happened in the last ten episodes.]  After they snipe at each other for a while, Harris leaves, tossing Olivia the key to her cuffs.

Back at the FBI, Charlie tells her that the building she was held in was empty when they raided it, and both the car and the phone she took were clean.  Rats.  Also, Olivia's sister Rachel and her young daughter will apparently be staying with Olivia for the next while.  Olivia calls Peter and tells him to grab Walter and meet her out front.  She tells the Bishops what happened to her as they dig up the buried test tubes.  Walter field-tests the stuff in the tubes and makes a thinky face.

Over at Boston College, an immunologist/professor collapses during a lecture.  He dies, due to the huge spiny white slug that hauls itself up out of his throat.  The Fringe team is sent to investigate, Peter tracking the slug with a thermal camera so they can capture it.  Back at the lab, Walter notes that the slug was developed out of the same stuff that was in Olivia's test tubes.  When Olivia questions the dead professor's TA, she learns that the prof had just been recruited by the CDC to co-head a classified task force on epidemic preparedness.  The other co-leader works in Cambridge and Olivia decides to take him into protective custody.  When Olivia checks in with Peter and Walter, they tell her that the slug that killed the immunologist was actually a super-sized common cold viral organism - nice ironic touch, that.  Edit (because I forgot): And then, at the FBI offices, Mitch Loeb doses the second professor with that same organism, causing him to die in agony right in front of poor Charlie who at least shoots the slug-virus before it can escape.

Olivia goes back to the office to do some computer work, and Mitch Loeb stops by her desk, reassuring her that he's been put in charge of investigating her abduction.  When she catches sight of his shoes, she sees a stain on one of them and immediately recognizes him as one of her abductors.  She heads back into the field, but not before enlisting Charlie's help.  He goes to the lab and asks Peter to set up a wire tap on Loeb's home phone, figuring Peter would be okay with breaking the lab.  Meanwhile, Olivia has gone to Loeb's home and is nearly caught trying to break in by Loeb's wife, Samantha.  Samantha invites her in for tea: when Olivia asks to use the bathroom (i.e., snoop around in the den and find a file full of photos of giant viruses), Samantha calls Mitch, who tells her to kill Olivia ASAP.  Luckily, the wire tap has already been put into place and Peter hears this.  He calls Olivia and warns her.  Olivia and Samantha have a chick fight - and Olivia really should be doing better against one little woman, seeing how she just kicked ass all over three or four lab assistants not so long ago.  Finally, they draw on each other and Olivia shoots Samantha right through the forehead.

While all this is going on, Loeb has fled the FBI building, so the agents use his dead wife's phone to text him into a meeting/ambush.  They get him (Olivia pistol-whips him a little, earning herself an admiring grin from Peter).  When Loeb won't cooperate during the interrogation, Olivia shows him photos of his dead wife and tells him that she shot her.  Loeb breaks, claiming that Olivia has ruined everything.  She has no idea of the conflict that's about to happen, doesn't know what the plan is - he had saved her and now she's ruined it.  Olivia's like: Hm, this isn't really what I thought I'd be getting here.

This one was pretty action-y and not too weird-science-y, which is certainly easier to recap.  I'm sure we'll get back to the really weird stuff soon enough.

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