Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Walking Dead - S1E2 (11/7/10)

Lest we think better of them, and forget with whom our sympathies are supposed to lie (i.e., the not dead husband/partner), S2 starts off with Shane and Lori sneaking off into the woods for some nookie.  She takes off Rick's wedding ring, which she wears on a chain around her neck; he flips her over and takes her from behind.

Meanwhile, Rick takes advantage of the zombies' horsemeat feeding frenzy and jumps out of the tank.  He runs to a nearby alley where Glenn, the kid who called him a cozy tank-hiding dumbass, ushers him into a department store.  There are five other survivors there with Glenn - two women, three men - they've ventured into Atlanta for supplies.  From the department store rooftop, the group alternately watches the city streets swarm with zombies and bickers among themselves.  The bickering gets ugly when the Racist Redneck, played by Michael Rooker so you just know he's going to be extra nasty, starts beating the crap out of the black guy ... basically because he's a black guy.  Rick settles things down by punching Rooker out and handcuffing him to a pipe.

The rest of the episode involves this group of survivors trying to get back out of Atlanta.  First they try to go through the sewers, but it's a no-go as there are too many starving, rat-gnawing zombies down there.  They're frustrated - and getting scared since the swarm of zombies is close to breaking into the department store after them - until Rick gets the clever idea to slather themselves in zombie guts, so they smell like dead people, not living ones.  He and Glenn chop up a zombie and coat themselves in entrails (the intestines wrapped around their necks like scarves are a nice touch), then stagger down the street towards a getaway vehicle.  They almost get chomped when a passing rainstorm washes them clean, but they manage to nab a box truck in time, returning to the department store to pick up the other survivors.

Except for Michael Rooker.  He's been left behind, still cuffed to the roof because the black guy lost the handcuff key that Rick gave him for safe-keeping.  It really was an accident, but everyone gets disapproving and judgey when they hear what happened.  It's too dangerous to go back now, however, so they leave Rooker up there to starve to death and/or get eaten by zombies, and haul ass on out of Atlanta, heading back to the group's camp ... where the adulterous Shane and Lori are about to get a helluva big surprise.

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