Thursday, November 18, 2010

Titles Nine - #10 -- Utah edition

It's another fascinating installment of the FMS series, "Titles Nine," whereby I go to my many bookshelves and pick out nine volumes to share with you, my faithful reader[s].  In our explorations of Utah since we've moved out here (and the two vacation trips), we've relied on a number of sources of information: word of mouth, newspaper articles and, mostly, guidebooks. Here's what our Utah-centric library looks like right now:

  • The Historical Guide to Utah Ghost Towns by Stephen L. Carr
  • Insider's Guide to Salt Lake City (4th edition, but a treasure trove of information regardless)
  • Frommer's Utah (a going-away present from a dear coworker)
  • Moon Handbooks - Utah (found in a used bookstore and not that helpful because it's old)
  • 60 Hikes Within 60 Miles - Salt Lake City by Greg Witt (we've done so many of these that we're wishing there was a volume 2, 60 More Hikes Within 60 Miles)
  • Hiking the Wasatch by John Veranth (not quite as detailed as 60 Hikes)
  • Roadside History of Utah by Cynthia Larsen Bennett
  • Best Easy Day Hikes: Canyonlands and Arches by Bill Schneider (2nd ed., a Falcon Guide booklet
  • and two Pocket Naturalist pamphlets, Utah Trees and Wildflowers; and Utah Birds


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