Sunday, August 15, 2010

Are any of you watching Rubicon?

Does it pick up any?  I've watched the first two episodes and, honestly, I've nodded off more than once in each of them.  (Today's inadvertent nap might have had something to do with the steep hike Mr. Mouse and I did and the blistering 95F heat, but still.)  I love a good conspiracy story as much as anybody, but the pace is going to pick up, right?  It's got to.  Plus I'm not connecting with any of these characters - yes, I realize they're all supposed to be odd ducks - and some of the acting seems strangely stilted. 

It was nice to see Quentin Travers for all of 45 seconds (Buffy!).  And I'm hopeful based on AMC's recent original television track record.  But I am starting to wonder if I'm going to be more of a Walking Dead person than a Rubicon person.  You won't hold it against me if it turns out that way, will you? 


  1. I started to watch Rubicon on the first night but reached my yawn quota so quickly that I don't think I can give it any more of my time. Let me know if it gets better!

    Now, I have to check out this Walking Dead of which you speak...

  2. Rubicon's E4 was actually pretty good/attention-holding. The Big Conspiracy took a backseat so that we could connect with the characters a little and see how this intelligence agency works on a day-to-day basis. Not fast-paced by any means but definitely more enjoyable than the first three episodes.

    I'm probably getting my hopes up here but really: zombies on television. That has such potential.

  3. The promos for it never did anything for me. Are you still watching it? I'm saving myself for Walking Dead.