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Lost episode recap – “The Last Recruit” S6E13 (airdate 4/20/10)

I’d forgotten that this is the first time Jack has seen Locke since he died. He tells Not-Locke that he doesn’t know what the hell he is and Not-Locke says, “Sure you do.” Jack asks the question we’d all like answered: “Why John Locke?” “Because he was stupid enough to believe he’d been brought here for a reason, because he pursued that belief until it got him killed … and then you were nice enough to bring his body back here for me.” Jack gets right to it: has Not-Locke taken the form of Christian Shepherd? Not-Locke: Yup. Jack: Why? “To lead you to water – I’ve only ever been interested in helping you. But because Jacob chose you, you were trapped on this Island even before you ever got here. But now that Jacob is dead, you can leave – we can all leave, together, all of us.” Jack goes, hm.

Alterna-2004. Ben (Hi, Ben! Miss you!) rides with John Locke in the ambulance, telling the paramedic that the injured man is a paraplegic. They arrive at the hospital at the exact same time that gunshot-wounded Sun is being wheeled in. She’s conscious and looks over at Locke. She gasps, grabbing Jin’s hand and crying (in Korean): “No, no! It’s him!” [So: Island Sun lost her English when she hit her head; and Alterna-Sun regained Island memories when she lost a lot of blood …?]

Island. Not-Locke leads Jack into the jungle, then pauses, telling Crazy Claire to stop following them. Why has she been following them, pray tell? Claire: “Because he’s my brotha?” Not-Locke leaves the half-siblings to catch up and Claire says that she’s glad Jack has decided to come with them. When Jack replies that he hasn’t decided any such thing, Claire grins. “Yeah, you have - you decided the moment you let him talk to you, just like the rest of us.” Jack makes a perplexed face.

“He’s got a submarine?” This is Hurley, being brought up to speed by Sawyer, while Kate tells Sun the escape-from-Not-Locke plan. They’re not telling Zombie Sayid, however, as he’s gone over to the dark side, per Sawyer. Hurley tries to explain that even people who’ve gone to the dark side can be redeemed (a la Anakin), but Sawyer cuts him off. Crazy Claire, Not-Locke and Jack stroll into camp – Sawyer shoots Jack an evil glare – and Not-Locke smarms that it’s so nice to have everyone together again.

Alterna-2004. Detective James Ford, wearing a leather jacket, has questions for fugitive Kate Austin, also wearing a leather jacket. He’s got her file – it’s a doozie. He says that she doesn’t strike him as the “murderin’ kind” and she snarls that she’s not. He asks her if she thinks it’s odd that they were on the airplane together last week and then today, of all the cars in L.A., she smashes into his. She wonders if he’s hitting on her and he laughs that it would never work: cop, murderer. They flirt a bit until Miles interrupts with the news about the multiple homicides at the restaurant, and the Korean victims/witnesses who don’t speak English. They’ve also got video of Sayid leaving the restaurant and Ford/Sawyer grins that there’s their bad guy. It’s all coming together – worlds are about to collide.

Island. Kate tells Jack that Zombie Sayid is different now. Jack: “We’re all different now.” Kate asks if he believes all that Not-Locke is saying but Jack’s response is interrupted when Zoë (from Widmore’s camp) shows up, asking to speak to the man in charge. Not-Locke comes out: “What can I do for you?” She wants what he took [Desmond]. Not-Locke pretends not to know what she’s talking about so she radios her boss, asking if he’s “got a fix on [her] position.” He does, and so she asks for a demonstration, and a few seconds later a rocket explodes into the bushes off to the side. Everyone but Not-Locke (and Zombie Sayid) flinches. Zoë gives Not-Locke a deadline to return what he took and flounces off. Not-Locke bares his teeth at her back: “Well, here we go!”

Alterna-2004. Pregnant Claire signs in for her appointment with an adoption agency but Dashing Desmond catches her in the lobby of the building. He tells her that it would be a good idea to have a lawyer with her at this adoption meeting but she says that she doesn’t have any money for a lawyer. He says that he’s going to meet with his lawyer now and he’d be thrilled if Claire would come with him to meet her – maybe she could help. Claire is rightly a little suspicious but goes along with it. The lawyer turns out to be Ilana – who not only has heard of Claire, but also has been looking for her. Claire is confused as she follows Ilana back to her office. Desmond, however, looks as pleased as a cat after a bowlful of cream.

Island. Not-Locke gathers his troops around. He says that enough is enough – Widmore’s people have forced his hand – so they’re going to Hydra Island to get on that plane. He asks Sawyer to go pick up some sailboat from somewhere else on the island so they can all get across to Hydra together, and Sawyer volunteers Kate to help him. Not-Locke is all, fine, whatever – he needs to talk to Sayid about something.

Sawyer grabs Jack and hisses that he’s not going to repeat this, but they are absolutely not rendezvousing with Not-Locke, what with that deal he’s made with Widmore. He tells Jack to grab Hurley, Sun and Frank and meet him at the old dock. Jack asks about Sayid and Claire. Sawyer, because he knows what I’m thinking, retorts that they’re out because “Sayid’s a zombie and Claire’s nuts” plus she tried to kill Kate. They all head out.

Meanwhile, Not-Locke tells Zombie Sayid to go out to the well where Desmond is being kept. “I thought you weren’t going to give him back?” Not-Locke: “I’m not – you’re going to kill him. That’s not going to be a problem, is it? You still want what I promised you, right?” Zombie Sayid is like, yes, of course, and shuffles away. At the well, he draws his gun and peeks over the side. It’s not actually that deep and poor Desmond is sitting in a puddle at the bottom. He says to Sayid that if he’s going to be shot in cold blood, he should at least get to know what Sayid’s getting in exchange. Sayid says that he’s going to get the woman he loved back, even though she’s dead. And since Sayid died and Not-Locke brought him back, it shouldn’t be a problem for him to do it for Nadia. Desmond wants to know what Sayid’s going to tell her about the deal he made to get her back. Zombie Sayid just blinks us into a flash-sideways.

Alterna-Sayid rushes back to Nadia’s house to pack his things. He tells her that he’s leaving and can never come back. When the doorbell rings, he asks her to “stall them.” It’s Miles at the front door. And cleverly, Sawyer is at the back of the house to handily capture Sayid when he tries to sneak away.

Island. Sawyer and Kate find the boat but Kate wants to know if this is really such a good idea, going back to [Not-]Locke. No, of course not, says Sawyer, which is why we’re ditching him and getting our peeps onto that submarine. Try to keep up, Kate. She complains that Claire isn’t in the breakaway group he listed and he gets in her face, reminding her that the Claire they knew is gone; this one is dangerous and does she really want her near Aaron? They swim out to the boat.

Not-Locke marches his group through the jungle. Jack chats with Claire, asking if she trusts Not-Locke. “Yup, because he’s the only one who didn’t abandon me.” Not-Locke seems to be getting a little fidgety and asks Sun if she’s seen Sayid, who should have been back by now. She grumpily shows him a little note that says “You did this to me” but he denies having anything to do with it. He slows his pace, telling the group to keep going while he makes sure nobody gets left behind. After he’s gone. Jack grabs Hurley, Sun and Frank and they take off in another direction. Crazy Claire sees them go, however, and feels abandoned again.

In the jungle, Not-Locke finally finds Sayid, asking what took him so long. Sayid: “I just shot an unarmed man – I needed a moment.” Heh. Not-Locke asks for clarification: “Did you kill him?” Sayid: “Of course I did, go and check if you like.” But Not-Locke has no time for that. He is on a schedule and they have a boat to catch.

Jack’s group meets up with Kate and Sawyer at the dock and Sawyer tells them about the submarine. They’re about to cast off when a gun is cocked off-camera. It’s Crazy Claire and she wants to know where they’re going. For some reason known only to her, Kate thinks she’s the best one to approach the crazy chick with the big gun. Kate asks Claire to come away with them and she can take her back to Aaron, saying that if Claire doesn’t come with, then she’s not going either. Sawyer of course thinks that’s a shitty idea. Kate continues, telling Claire that the only reason she came back to the Island was to bring Claire back to her baby. Claire finally puts down her rifle – which Kate wisely relieves her of before allowing her onboard – and says that when Not-Locke finds out about this, “[h]e’s going to be mad.”

Alterna-2004. Jack and his son enter Ilana’s office to hear Jack’s dad’s will being read – and so that’s why Ilana was looking for Claire: as another of Christian’s beneficiaries. Such serendipity! Claire tells Jack that she’s his half-sister and Jack’s world is rocked off its foundations. But then he gets paged by the hospital and has to leave to go operate on John Locke. Once again Claire gets abandoned, this time by her newfound half-brother and half-nephew!

Island. Sawyer tells his crew that the plan is to snuggle up to Widmore on Hydra Island, then “put a gun in somebody’s face and make them take us home.” When he goes to thank Jack for following through on his end, Jack tells him that this – the leaving the Island thing – doesn’t feel right. Sawyer: Um, WTF? Jack: “I remember how I felt the last time I left, like a piece was missing.” Sawyer: “They got pills for that, doc.” Jack insists that they were brought to the Island for a reason and if Not-Locke actually wants them to leave, then maybe he’s afraid of what will happen if they stay. Sawyer has had enough and tells Jack to get the hell off his damn boat. If he’s going to stay with them, he’s going to stop that crazy talk, but otherwise – into the water with you. Jack pleads his case for a moment but Sawyer isn’t buying what he’s selling, so Jack tells him that he’s sorry he got Juliet killed, and then jumps overboard. Kate’s all outraged, demanding, “What did you say to him?” Sawyer: “He changed his mind.” Kate: “We have to go back for him.” Sawyer: “We’re done goin’ back, Kate.”

Alterna-2004. Sun regains consciousness in the hospital. Jin is there, holding her hand. She asks what happened and he tells her that she’s fine, and the baby is fine. Awwwwww! A happy ending – what show is this? Meanwhile, Jack scrubs in and the nurse tells him that not only was this a bad “car v. ped[estrian],” but the guy was already in a wheelchair. Jack’s all, I can do this, but then he catches a glimpse of Locke’s face and is surprised to recognize him.

Island. Not-Locke and cronies are on the beach when Jack drags himself to shore. “Nice day for a swim,” mocks Not-Locke, “Sawyer took my boat, didn’t he?” Jack, out of breath from the swim, confirms this.

Sawyer and his cronies have landed on Hydra Island and are nearly immediately surrounded by gun-toting Widmore-ites. Zoë recognizes Sawyer before they all get shot. As she radios her boss, Jin comes around the corner and sees Sun … at the same time she sees him. Awwwwww! Even Sawyer gets choked up at the reunion (supercute). Pluswhich, Sun has found her English again in the face of true love.

The course of true love never runs smooth, however, as Zoë gets her orders from Widmore and despite the “deal,” forces Sawyer and his gang to their knees at gunpoint. Oops. Then Widmore’s gang fires more rockets at the main Island, aiming right at the beach where Not-Locke and Jack, et als, are standing. The first rocket sends Jack flying, busting his eardrums so the sound is all funny; Not-Locke grabs him and carries him off into the cover of the trees just as the second rocket homes in on them. He sets a dazed Jack up against a tree and tells him that it’ll be okay because “you’re with me now.”

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