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Lost episode recap – “Everybody Loves Hugo” S6E12 (airdate 4/13/10)

Alterna-Hurley has just won some award or accolade – ah, it’s a dinosaur trophy – for something, but I don’t know for what because my DVR started late per usual. After the awards ceremony, his mom, deciding that her son needs a woman, tells him that she’s fixed him up on with a lunch date for tomorrow. Hurley is so put-upon.

Island. Hurley visits Libby’s grave, bringing her up to speed on what’s been going on. He tells her that he wishes she would come and talk to him like so many other dead people have done. Ilana interrupts, barging in to tell him that they’re leaving for the Black Rock: if they’re going to destroy the plane, they’re going to need dynamite. “Sure that’s the right move?” asks Hurley. Ilana: “No, but it’s the only move we have.” Then she asks whose grave he is at and he tells her about Libby. Ilana tells him that she’s sorry. Hurley: “Yeah, me too.” She leaves and the whispering starts. And look who’s here: Michael. A little nonplussed, Hurley asks him what he’s doing here. Michael: “I’m here to stop you from getting everyone killed.”

“Why should I trust you?”, says Hurley, pointing out that Michael murdered Libby and Ana-Lucia. Michael’s like, never mind that – if the Losties try to blow up that plane, a lot of people will get hurt. And since people are starting to listen to Hurley these days, the responsibility will be on him. Then Jack wanders up, wondering to whom Hurley’s talking. “No one” is the response.

Alterna-2004. Hurley waits for his lunch date at a Mexican restaurant; apparently “Rosalita” is a no-show. But that’s okay because Rosalita is completely forgotten when Libby (!) appears at his table. He’s beside himself because she’s so pretty and she has to explain that she’s not his blind date. She takes his hands and earnestly asks if he believes in soul mates. “I guess,” he says. Her eyes fill with years: “You don’t remember me?” And then her psychiatrist comes up and takes her away, apologizing for the intrusion as she just wandered away from him. Libby stares hard at Hurley and insists that she meant everything she said. Hurley follows them outside in time to see Libby herded onto the Santa Rosa mental health clinic bus. So, because Libby is insane in this alternate 2004, she is connected to the other timeline, the Island timeline, and remembers it – like Charlie did when he was on drugs, like when Desmond got the flashes. Gotcha.

Island. Ilana has brought back four sticks of dynamite and is rallying the troops to go across to Hydra Island to blow up the plane. Hurley comes back into camp and says that it’s too dangerous, the dynamite is too unstable, plus how is blowing up the plane helping the Losties? Ilana: “Because then that thing won’t be able to leave the Island.” Hurley: “Well, neither will we, and we’ll be stuck here with it, and it’ll be angry at us.” Heh. Ilana is focused, though, reminding them that Jacob said Richard would know what to do, and Richard said to blow up the plane. Hurley: “Jacob never said that to me – what if Richard is wrong?” Ilana gets cross and adamant and is so busy haranguing Hurley that she stops paying attention to what she’s doing … and she jostles the dynamite just a little too much and blows herself up a la Arzt. Awesome. She was annoying.

At Not-Locke’s camp, the Beast is whittling a big stick (not a euphemism) as Kate and Sawyer come up, dissatisfied with their inactivity of late. Not-Locke: “There’s a difference between doing nothing and waiting.” Kate: “So what are we waiting for?” Not-Locke says that the only way they all got back to the Island was because the Oceanic 6 all came back together, and that’s the only way they’ll get to leave now – if Sun, Jack and Hurley come too.

Just then Zombie Sayid moseys up and asks to speak to Not-Locke in private. There’s a little tension between Sayid and Sawyer, by the way. As Zombie Sayid leads Not-Locke off into the jungle, Not-Locke wants to know if he found out what Widmore’s people were hiding in the submarine. “I certainly did,” replies Zombie Sayid, pulling aside a shrub to reveal darling Desmond, whom he has tied to a tree. Desmond doesn’t seem that distressed to be tied up, actually, Not-Locke takes a gander and goes, “Hmmm.”

Back at the Losties’ camp, Hurley rummages through Ilana’s things, finding and pocketing the bag of Jacob’s ashes that she’s been toting around with her. Weird. Meanwhile, a slightly manic Richard says they have to get more dynamite or else Ilana will have died in vain. Jack points out that maybe she died to tell them to stay the hell away from the dynamite. Heh. Then Hurley pipes up: “I think Richard’s right – it’s the only choice we’ve got.” He asks Jack to trust him and Jack does.

Alterna-2004. Hurley is drowning his sorrows in one of his Mr. Cluck’s franchises when suave Alterna-Desmond runs into him. Desmond claims to recognize him from the Oceanic flight into L.A. and sits himself down at Hurley’s table. When he notes that Hurley’s got a lot of chicken there in that bucket, Hurley snaps that he eats when he’s depressed. Desmond: “So what’s her name?” Hurley says that he met the perfectest, most awesomest girl … except that she’s crazy. Desmond: “Well, all women are a little bit crazy, brutha.” Hurley: “This one actually lives in the loony bin.” When he tells Desmond that Libby said she already knew him, however, Desmond leans forward and intensely asks if Hurley believed her. Hurley says yeah, a little. And Desmond says, well, go find out what she’s talking about before you write her off.

Island. Not-Locke cuts Desmond loose when Desmond says that he’s got nowhere to run to. Not-Locke wants to know why Widmore brought him back to the Island and Desmond says he’d have to ask his kidnappers that. He tells Not-Locke about being stuck in the shed and blasted with “electromagnetism;” when Not-Locke asks how he knows what it was, Desmond says “Experience.” Not-Locke looks closely at Desmond and then asks if Desmond knows who he is. Desmond, calmly: “Of course – John Locke.” Not-Locke: Hmm. He sends Zombie Sayid back to camp, saying he and Desmond need to take a walk – there’s something he’d like to show him.

The Losties trudge through the jungle. Since he hasn’t caused any trouble basically all season, Ben opines that it’s interesting that as soon as Ilana – the handpicked bodyguard of the Candidates – let said Candidates know who they were, she blew up. “The Island was done with her – makes me wonder what’ll happen when it’s done with us.” Boy, I have missed evil, snarky, trouble-making Ben. Sun and Jack just gape at him a little. When they get to the Black Rock, Richard says that he’ll be the only one handling the dynamite, but they should hurry. He looks around, noticing that Hurley is missing. Just then, Hurley comes charging out of the old ship, screaming “Run! Run!” And then the Black Rock explodes, knocking everyone down and sending bits of wood and metal flying. When he can stand, Richard is wild, wanting to know why Hurley did that. Hurley says that he was protecting everyone.

In the aftermath, Richard is like, that’s it! We’re all dead! Miles stares at the flaming wreckage and asks WTF? Hurley said Michael told him to do it, to protect the Losties. Miles: “Who’s Michael?” Hurley: “One of the dead people who keep coming back and yelling at me.” Miles: “Does that happen a lot?” Hurley: “It happens enough.” Miles: “And you just do whatever it is they say?” Hurley: “Dead people are more reliable than live ones.”

Alterna-2004. Hurley has gone to Santa Rosa, asking to see Libby. Her doctor says that probably isn’t a good idea as Libby currently has issues with reality. Hurley’s like: you said “probably”, so it’s possible - maybe for a generous donor? He whips out his checkbook and writes a check for $100,000. Moments later, he is sitting with Libby in the rec room.

She is disappointed to hear that he doesn’t remember her but he gently tells her that he wants to hear about how she knows him. She tells him that just a few days ago, when she saw him on a Mr. Cluck’s commercial, all these memories of another life came flooding back to her: the plane crash, living on the Island, and that they liked each other. Plus, now that she’s in the mental hospital, she remembers knowing him there too. He’s very sweet when he tells her how sorry he is that he doesn’t remember any of this. She cries a little, saying that she knows she’s crazy; he shrugs, saying everybody’s got something – he’s just here to say hi to a girl. This makes her smile and she tells him he’s doing fine. Then he asks her if she’d like to go out on a date with him some time; she’s checked in voluntarily and she tells him that she’d love that.

Island. Not-Locke can’t remember how long Desmond was down in the hatch, pushing that button. Three years. Not-Locke: “And yet you’re back for more … I think this Island has it in for you.” Desmond: “This Island has it in for all of us, brutha.” Not-Locke: Yes, yes, it does. Then Not-Locke is distracted when the feral boy – older now, and not so blond – appears out of the bushes to stare silently at the two men. Desmond sees him too and asks if Not-Locke knows him. Not-Locke grumpily says to ignore the boy and they continue on. The boy smiles slightly and runs off without saying a word.

Richard has pretty much gone off his nut, deciding to raid to the old Dharma barracks for grenades, ammunition, anything explosive. Jack wants everyone to calm down and Richard rampages right over him, saying that if he knows of another way besides blowing up the plane, let’s hear it. Hurley: “I know how – let’s go talk to Locke.” Ben: “Are you trying to get us killed?” Hurley says it isn’t his idea, it’s Jacob’s. He points to the clearing and says that Jacob is right there. Richard wants him to prove it but Hurley won’t, saying he doesn’t have to. Richard states that Hurley is lying because Jacob never actually tells anybody to do anything specific. He continues, saying that “everything” is over if that thing gets off the Island … so who’s with him? Ben is and Miles is too (saying to Hurley, “I saw that thing in action, man, [and] it doesn’t want to talk. I’m sorry”) but Jack, Sun and Frank are sticking with Hurley. Richard: “Don’t get in my way.”

Later, as they walk at night, Sun (who still isn’t speaking English) writes a note to Frank, asking if they made a mistake. Frank thinks yeah, probably. Hurley wonders how to open the conversation – how does one break the ice with a Smoke Monster? – but Jack says not to worry as Not-Locke will probably do most of the talking. Or he might just kill them all - either one. Hurley ‘fesses up to Jack that he didn’t see Jacob back there. Jack says he figured that but ever since Juliet died because of him, all he’s wanted to do is “fix it.” But he can’t, and it’s been very hard for him to sit back and let things unfold, but maybe that’s what he’s supposed to do. Hurley: Or maybe your not trying to fix it will get us all killed. Jack gently says that Hurley asked Jack to trust him, and he does. Hurley: Yeah, but I have no idea where we’re going right now.

Then they hear the rustling and the whispering in the jungle. Everyone freaks out but Hurley thinks he knows “what these things are.” He goes into the jungle alone and finds Michael. Michael confirms that “the whisperers” are people who can’t move on from the Island. Michael helpfully shows him the way to Not-Locke’s camp and Hurley thanks him, and then asks Michael if there’s anything he can to do help. There isn’t, but Michael asks that if he ever sees Libby again, to please tell her that he’s very, very sorry. Hurley nods soberly and says he’ll be sure to do that.

Alterna-2004. Hurley has planned a picnic for the two of them at a beach. Libby is sporting some major cleavage, by the way. She’s a little uncomfortable, the déjà vu raging in her head. She shakes her head, saying she’s crazy so why does he want to be here with her? He scoffs, asking why she wants to be with him. Libby leans in: “Because I like you.” Hurley thinks she likes him because she’s delusional. So she kisses him … and he gets a bunch of flashes from his Island time with her. Hurley: “Whoa. Dude.” He tells her that he thinks he’s remembering stuff. Libby: So maybe I’m not crazy? Hurley: “No, I don’t think you are. The camera pulls back and there’s Desmond, watching the two of them canoodle. He smiles, Cheshire cat-like, and drives off to his next matchmaking opportunity.

Island. Not-Locke has led my darling Desmond to a well in a clearing. Have we seen this well before? Not-Locke tells Desmond that this well is very old, dug by hand long ago, by people who were looking for answers in its electromagnetic pull, not water. Not-Locke says that Widmore is not interested in answers, he’s only looking for power, and this is not the only well. Desmond is like, okay, whatever. Not-Locke is confused: Why are you not afraid of me, out here in the jungle alone? Desmond: “What is the point of being afraid?” By way of answer, Not-Locke pushes Desmond into the well. He screams as he falls down and down.

When Not-Locke returns to camp, Sayid asks how their “friend” is. Not-Locke: “We don’t have worry about him anymore.” Sawyer comes up and starts demanding some answers … but ends up finishing his sentence with “Sonofabitch!” as Hurley walks into the firelight. Not-Locke turns and says hello. Hurley: “I don’t know who you are, dude, but we need to talk to you.” Not-Locke: “We?” Hurley: “The other people with me. But I don’t want anyone to get hurt or killed, so we’re not going to do anything and I want you to swear that you’re not going to do anything either.” Not-Locke hands his big knife to Hurley and says he’s got a deal. Hurley tells his posse to come out, and they do, one at a time. Not-Locke only has eyes for Jack while Jack, for his part, stares right at Not-Locke and looks like he might cry.

Alterna-2004. As the end of school bell rings, from his car Desmond watches John Locke wheel himself in his chair out to his car in the school parking lot. Desmond stomps on the gas. Tires squeal as he speeds up, hitting Locke dead on. The crippled man goes flying out of his wheelchair, landing limp and bloody on the tarmac, and a grim-faced Desmond drives away without looking back.

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