Saturday, November 21, 2009

It goes with everything!

Remember our old friend, Bacon Salt, from J&D's?  Well apparently the company is doing EXTREMELY well (even in these trying times) due to the success of their Bacon Salt products and subsequent Baconnaise, and they've put out several new products since I visited their site last.  Now, here's the disclaimer: I haven't tried ANY of these three products but criminy, it's all bacon-flavored, so how bad could it be?

Bacon Pop - bacon-flavored microwave popcorn.  I'm tempted to give this a whirl, even knowing how stenchy regular microwave popcorn can be.  Perhaps a nice compromise would be to pop some popcorn the old-fashioned way - I have an air popper circa 1987 in storage somewhere - coat it with melted butter and pour on the Bacon Salt.  At least they're not hawking bacon-flavored soda, which is what I feared when I read "bacon pop."

Bacon Ranch - is bacony ranch dressing.  Sounds good - I would dip french fries into it as well as slathering my salad.  (And easy to do at home by dumping a jar of real bacon bits into bottled ranch salad dressing ...)

Mmmvelopes - and this is what made me start the post in the first place: they've taken envelopes and added bacon flavor to the stickum you lick to seal the flap.  This, to me, is way more genius than the bacon dental floss and bacon breath mints I suffered tested for you earlier.  Of course, no one sends actual paper letters anymore so this is clearly a novelty among novelties.  The name is super-cute tho'.

P.S. - My webbuddy Reel Whore had a recent excellent bacon experience of his own - I'm so very envious.

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