Thursday, November 26, 2009

The Breast Cancer Diaries

This is a plug for a film I have not yet seen, The Breast Cancer Diaries, a documentary about one young woman's fight against breast cancer.  Ann Murray Paige, a television news reporter, mother and wife of a long-ago summer coworker of mine, documented every bit of her battle with a video diary at her Maine home and with her sister-in-law at her side filming from Day 3 of Ann's diagnosis.  The film made the rounds in a number of film festivals over the last several years (Bahamas International Film Festival, Cucalorus FF, New England Film and Video Festival, Mill Valley (CA) FF, Maine International FF, Silverdocs/AFI-Discovery Dcoumentary Festival) as well as playing on the Documentary Channel and the Discovery Health Channel last year.  The DVD is for sale on the web site - the trailer alone made me tear up as well as smile - and you can find more information about scheduling/finding screenings on the web site as well.

You always think it can't happen to you.  Well, it happened to Ann and she's brought it to us, to share and learn and live to fight another day.  And fight she does, today sharing her story with young women around the country.  It's an inspiring story and she's a damn strong woman to share it with us all.

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