Thursday, November 6, 2008

If I'm not mistaken, here's another post about bacon

My Cuzzin Hannah is my favorite cousin* because she just sent us Mouses a care package, all the way from Seattle, with Bacon Salt! (That was an impressive taping job, by the way.) I knew what it was as soon as I opened my P.O. box and I'm fair certain I ran a few red lights to get home that much faster.

Somehow the geniuses behind this product have managed to get Original Bacon flavor, low-sodium Hickory Bacon flavor and Peppered Bacon flavor out of a complicated amalgamation of sea salt, paprika, dehydrated garlic, onion, smoke flavor, soy sauce and various and sundry other ingredients, many of which I cannot pronounce. Amazingly, it is no-calorie, no-fat, vegetarian and certified kosher, and it really does make everything taste like bacon.

My current favorite is the Peppered Bacon version (because that's two condiments in one!) - it's got a little extra bite due to the cayenne pepper. Mr. Mouse prefers the Original Bacon Salt because he thinks Hickory tastes like BBQ potato chips which he can't stand ... which is weird because he loves actual BBQ sauce. Mr. Mouse is a complicated man.

This stuff is way better than it has any right to be and I fear for our sodium levels in the days to come. So far I have tried Bacon Salt on hard-boiled eggs, rice, lima beans and pork chops. You heard that right: we put Bacon Salt on pork chops. That just makes the pig exponential and there's nothing wrong with that. Tomorrow I'm envisioning a sprinkle on my bagel with cream cheese in the morning; a shake or two with my grilled cheese for lunch ... at this rate we'll have worked our way through all three bottles in no time (I'm going to have to find a closer supplier than Washington State).

I encourage you to seek this brilliant stuff out: their website lists retailers or you can order directly from them online. Give it a try and tell me what you think. In other bacon-related topics, Reel Whore sent me this link to a fellow movie blogger who found bacon-flavored toothpicks (!!), and you can go here for daily bacon updates. And you all thought I had an obsession.

* If any of you other cousins want to try out for this prestigious position, I also like chocolate and single malt scotch.


  1. I am the champion! Let me know how the cousin competition strategy works. :)

  2. Bacon salt on pork chops...MMMMMM. If only you had those bacon toothpicks to clean your teeth afterwards, that would have bacon goodness to the Nth degree!

  3. Hold on a sec. I'm not going to fall for that (even tho I am highly competitive). I'm going to devise my own contest for "favorite cousin" and the criteria are going to be totally arbitrary and secret. Right now, Nora is winning because she is giving us all an excuse to get together again to attempt to top our drinking performance from last summer.

  4. Another cousin weighs in - from Cuzzin Kathy: "See this article for more bacon recipes, including rum chocolate covered bacon and peanut butter cookies with bacon:"