Thursday, August 21, 2008

In which I once again promise to do better, and soon

The reason why this blog has been so full of nothing all summer (aside from the truly pathetic summer television offerings during a truly pathetically-weathered summer during which I should have been able to offer up lots of viewed television had it not been so pathetic ... whoa, that sentence just got away from me there) is because Mr. Mouse and I are moving out west and I've been busy doing non-bloggable things. Like painting. De-junking and de-cluttering. Putting the house on the market. Getting our jobs in order (transfer for Mr. M; notice and start a search for a replacement for me). Selling the boat. Vacuuming the house and mowing the lawn seemingly every frickin' day. That sort of stuff.

None of which you, my teeming horde of fans, really care about. What you care about is this:
  • One month 'til Heroes! I'm very excited for S3:Villains. Everyone knows the villains are more fun than the heroes. Just go see The Dark Knight - there's the proof right there.
  • Here's a test to see how psychotic you are, compliments of the folks over at Dexter. Season 3 starts up on Showtime on September 28th. (I've only got a 30% killer instinct: that's relatively well-balanced ... and "dull." Story of my life.)
  • Imodium, those good anti-diarrheal folks, have updated the internets with The Most Valuable Tool in the History of Ever: a map that shows you all the public-accessible bathrooms in any zip code. Portland (ME) has ten, apparently. (thank you to Andrew Wheeler for the link)
  • Since I sent back the remaining Undeclared (and unwatched) DVDs, is speeding through my queue and sending me The Singing Detective (Robert Downey, Jr.!), Hard Candy (Ellen Page!) and The Food of the Gods (a 1976 horror flick that I'm planning to review for Final Girl's next Film Club - stay tuned!)


  1. I thought I remember you talking about seeing Hard Candy of Ladies weekend. Perhaps I'm wrong. There was a lot of wine that weekend.
    Also! Very exciting about the move. What are the chances of putting in a regular Tgiving appearance now that you'll have to travel substantially further?

  2. If my memory serves me, Sal is the one of us who'd seen it and was raving about it; I only said it was on my list and was anxious to see it. There truly was a lot of wine that weekend.

    Dunno about T'giving. My initial position is that once we're out there, we don't have to come back East for the first two years - but want to have lots of company and are planning on a house that will accommodate such.

  3. I only got 32%.


    I thought I was crazier than that...Guess I could crazy just not psychotic.

    Thanks for the Final Girl Film Club reminder...I've been a slacker with that.

  4. This'll be my first FGFC attempt - hope I've picked a good movie for the virgin voyage.

    I think those of us in the 30%s definitely have some crazy going for us.