Monday, June 30, 2008

Moratorium on zombie posts (after this one)

Okay. Even I’ve had about enough of the zombies by now. I promise that after this post I will not put up any zombie-posts for a month. That being said, read on, zombie-lovers, read on:

28 Weeks Later - Technically not a zombie movie, I know, but close enough for govmint work. I watched this last night, partially through my fingers because jump-scares are what really scare me - until I realized that I’d already taken out my contacts and could just peek over my glasses for insta-blur-vision for the jumpy bits. I liked it but I think I liked the original better, mostly because 28 Days Later was the first: I’d never seen such fast-moving rage-infected craziness before and it blew my mind (kind of like how the SFX in The Matrix were SO cool but kind of lost their magic in the sequels). I also preferred the intimacy of 28DL although I did appreciate the claustrophobia of the crowd scenes in 28WL. Some stuff was pretty obvious: when Scarlet tells cutie-pie sniper Doyle that the kids’ lives are worth more than either of theirs, you just know those soldiers ain’t making it out alive. But I thought Doyle had great chemistry with pretty much everyone he came into contact with, so kudos to Jeremy Renner (a/k/a Penn from Angel S1E11) for that. Lastly, how do you suppose the pitch to Robert Carlyle went? “Hey, Robert – I know you’ve been a Bond villain and all, but your résumé has been sort of quiet lately so do you want to have a few lines in which you abandon your wife to a fate worse than death like a total chickenshit bastard, and then spend the rest of the movie screaming, running around bleeding out the eyes and ripping people’s throats out with your teeth? Yeah? Cool.”

Finally, I heard that zombie kickball was a staggering success (I got caught up in something else and didn’t go, and am now regretting it to no end). Friends of the blog HB and RobZombie did attend – very gruesome, guys!


  1. I'm not a big fan of the moratoreum on Zombies you've imposed. I figured by now there'd be a review of Zombie Strippers. What gives?

  2. It's just for a month - I've got so much other stuff to watch! That being said ... there is such a movie as Zombie Strippers? I had no idea, still being a zombie-newbie and all. I may have to make a moratorium exception - it sounds like it could be fabulous (in an awful kind of way).

  3. HB and RobZombieJuly 1, 2008 at 7:21 PM

    That's sweet that you put us on your blog! The organizer of the event said that they will have two upcoming events closer to September: Zombie Scavenger Hunt and Zombie capture the flag. We will let you know about those and we can all go together! Zombie Kickball was a blasty-blast!