Friday, September 7, 2007

Guest blogger book review: Skinny Bitch

Loyal readers, today I have an extra special treat for you: my very first Guest Blogger, LyndaLove. Lynda is one of my BFFs (is someone over the age of 14 allowed to use that term?) and is very funny. She's very pretty too, but I guess you can't so much tell that from just writing. Anyway, she sent me this email today and I think it qualifies as a book review.

I was just reading Friend Mouse and it's all book reviews. Gosh, you read a lot. You know I don't really read, but I did read Skinny Bitch. It's a diet book that's a couple of years old written by two women, a former model and a former modeling agent. It recently became a hit again after Posh Spice (what I'll always call her)/Victoria Beckham was spotted carrying this book around. Of course, I bought it.

I was hoping for diet advice like, drink your gin with DIET tonic. Or, skip dessert and just have a menthol cigarette. Or, get your friends to eat more so by comparison you look thinner. Those are all things a skinny bitch would do, right? But no, it's a Vegan all organic diet and you only eat when you are hungry. Sigh. I bet Posh Spice was disappointed too. I skipped right over the chapter that tells us how we make animals suffer and then we eat them. Throughout the book there is some weird gratuitous cursing. And for me to notice that, it must really be gratuitous. Some of my favorite lines from the book were like, "stop being such a cheap asshole and buy organic already!" That's gold. At the end of the book they admit that they needed a catchy title and they are not bitches, and don't want anyone reading to be a bitch. They also say you won't get skinny necessarily, just healthy.

What I took away from the book: I've started eating organic fruit for breakfast. I'm buying cage free natural chicken and eggs and I switched to organic yogurt and veggies. They kind of scare you into it, which I suppose is okay.

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