Sunday, September 30, 2007

Chuck review

I finally watched the Chuck premiere last night (as I mentioned previously, my DVR wigged out and I missed last Monday's premiere, but NBC was kind enough to rerun the episode last night so I was able to catch it then) and I have to give it a resounding ... well, now, that was pretty darn good!

Nerdy guy with no life gets all the CIA's and NSA's superduper top secrets downloaded into his brain. Wackiness ensues. If you want a better recap than that, go here where my favorite recapper is doing this show. There are definite similarities between Chuck and Reaper - slackerish guy gets radical change to his life/destiny thrust upon him, becoming marginally cooler and helping to save the world (gosh - that's pretty much the broad stroke on Bionic Woman too, eh?) - and while I didn't laugh out loud at Chuck, I think the writing is better and the acting is better. Plus, there's Adam Baldwin, which is always a good thing. In fact, there should be more Adam Baldwin, but in the sense that he should be in more scenes, not that he should gain more weight. He's not exactly at his Firefly fighting weight these days.

I'm working on my report card for the new fall shows. Of the ones I've seen thus far, based solely on the premieres: Chuck gets an A-, Reaper gets a B, BW gets a C and Moonlight gets a D+. We'll revisit in a week or so to see how the class is faring.

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