Saturday, January 16, 2016

Mini movie review: Inside Out

I finally saw Inside Out last night and while I can understand why everyone is just SO IN LOVE WITH THIS MOVIE, I myself didn't love it.  I'm not being contrary (well, maybe I am being contrary).  I thought the voice actors were particularly well cast, I loved the world-building the filmmakers had done with the control room and the personality islands and long-term storage, I thought it was very, very clever and even informative.  I just prefer more PLOT in my movies.  I'm a plot junky.  The twistier, turnier, more complex a plot a film or show or book has, the better.  Inside Out is just a little light on plot, that's all.  Don't hate.

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  1. Yeah, I wasn't a huge fan either. It was just missing something. I haven't seen The Good Dinosaur either and I'm not exactly going to kill myself to catch it. Pixar hasn't really been doing much for me lately and with so many sequels coming up, I'm not holding my breath.