Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Strong start but now we falter

I was doing really well for a while with the timely True Blood recaps and getting some movie reviews out there for this year's Scarelicious October Movie Series.  But then Mr. Mouse and I had some well-deserved time off and well, now I'm behind - especially with regard to getting the recaps of the new season of The Walking Dead up here for you.  I have the first episode queued up in my DVR (why oh why do they insist on 90 minute episodes?) and the plan is to watch it tonight and then get the recap up tomorrow.  But the real issue is that the next episode recap is going to be really late and I'm sorry about that.

Hopefully I'll be able to squeeze in at least one more scary movie but I'm afraid that the next ten days will be pretty sparsely populated around here.  Sometimes life gets in the way of pop culture consumption - it's just unfortunate timing.  Please check back in and watch some good scary stuff of your own.

P.S. Anyone out there watching this season of American Horror Story: Hotel?  I've seen the first episode and while it had some strong moments - slick and stylish visually, a bunch of intriguing possibilities with storylines, some nice acting (especially from poor Max Greenfield, even though his fate was surprisingly horrible, even for an FX show) - I'm afraid that, like most of the other AHSs, it's just going to tease us with the possibilities and throw most of it away in a tangled mess.  They introduced so much I just don't have faith in the production team to make any sort of sense of it.  With luck, it will end up being a gorgeous, twisted hot mess ... and not just a limp, faded mess.

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