Sunday, May 11, 2014

In which I totally geek out over family-friendly outdoors summer movies

We live not too far from Snowbird Ski & Summer Resort, which means great skiing in the winter (and out here, lift-served skiable winter runs from November through the end of May) and great things to do in the mountains out of the summer's heat.  Snowbird has a brewfest, hosts a stage of the Tour of Utah, has outdoors activities all summer (like hiking, tram/chairlift rides, ropes course, alpine slide, etc.), free live music on the deck on Saturdays and family-friendly movies Friday nights outside under the night skies.

They just announced this summer's movie schedule and they have a mostly great line-up coming:

  • The Incredibles - the best superhero movie
  • The Princess Bride - beloved classic
  • The Sandlot - filmed right here in SLC
  • The Truman Show - meh
  • Frozen - where the audience is sure to be packed with tiny girls
  • Raiders of the Lost Ark - again, classic
  • Rocky IV - WTF? how did that get in there? It's the one in Russia, apparently
  • Willow - hooray for 1980s fantasy
  • Jurassic Park - those dinosaurs totally hold up
  • Hook - aw, Bob Hoskins
  • The Dark Crystal - OMG OMG OMG ilovethedarkcrystal sooooo much
I am SO psyched for The Dark Crystal - I can't believe they're showing it.  I'm not sure Mr. Mouse will be all that interested in seeing it - he's not much for fantasy and that definitely applies to puppet-based fantasy too - but I'll go alone if necessary.  Gelfings! Podlings! Mystics! Garthrim! Skeksis!  Fizzgig!

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